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Chapter 1287: Chapter 1287 his world!

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The Starry Sky was silent.

Wang Yiyis father didnt say anything on the lone boat.

The old man in the distance did the same.

However, his expression changed several times at this moment.

In the end, a hint of fear rose in his heart.

He looked deeply at the giant tree that stood in the starry sky, he then looked at the figure on the lone boat and chose to leave.

Although he left, a new person had arrived.

A blurry figure seemed to sweep through the starry sky, gathering silently from all directions.

Then, the figure of a man appeared next to Wang Yiyis father on the lone boat.

His face couldnt be seen clearly.

All that could be seen was a head of long hair that fluttered in the wind.

Every strand of hair seemed like a river of stars.

Other than that, there was only a corner of the figures robes that was embroidered with the mark of a pill furnace.


“The Eight Extreme Dao”The figure said softly as he looked at the black wood in the starry sky.

It was as if he was mumbling to himself, and also asking questions.

“The eight Extreme Dao.”On the lone boat, Wang Yiyis fathers expression was the same as ever as he replied calmly.

After a moment of silence, the figure slowly spoke, “Ive only heard that the five elements are the first five extremes.

After that, the two extremes will oppose each other, and eventually sublimate… .

This young friend seems to have reached the pinnacle of enlightenment.

As for the sixth extreme… .

Have you seen through it”.

“The Dao of metal has your karma.

Why do you need to ask me”Wang Yiyis father, who was on the lone boat, had the same expression on his face as before as he calmly replied.

“Although thats the case, Im ultimately not familiar with the eight Extreme Dao.

is his sixth extreme the Dao of death contained within the fallen Luo”The figure was silent for a few breaths of time before he turned to look at Wang Yiyis father.

“Not only that.”Wang Yiyis father was silent for a very long time before he finally replied in a low voice.

“He even fused the past into it, causing the sixth pole to be both the extreme yin and the extreme past

“If thats the case… then his seventh pole is definitely the extreme Yang saint, and also the future of the extreme.

It might seem like two poles, but its actually the fourth pole.

No wonder, no wonder…”the figure with the mark of a pill furnace sighed, without saying anything else, he turned and took a step into the void.

As soon as his foot touched the ground, he vanished into the starry sky.

However, the moment his figure disappeared completely, his voice still rang out from the void, landing in the ears of Wang Yiyis father, who was on the lone boat.

“Brother Wang, the eight Extreme Dao was created by an immortal ancestor.

Does this seniors immortal have the same origin… as little friend Baoles immortal”

It seemed like a question, but the words that came after he left… Clearly, he didnt want an answer.

Or rather, he didnt need an answer.published on website: List novel.C0m

Wang Yiyis father, who was on the lone boat, raised his head slowly.

He didnt speak, but his eyes were even deeper.

It wasnt until a long while later that he looked back at the black wood in the starry sky.

The depth in his eyes disappeared, replaced by gentleness.

He could sense that his daughter was about to… walk out.

As he waited, inside the black wood, in the stone stele world, Wang Baole walked in the starry sky.

He looked at the universe that he once thought was boundless.

He looked at the countless stars and incalculable lives in the universe, wang baole sighed softly in his heart.

I dont have a past, and I dont have a future, Wang Baole murmured.

His past and future had turned into destiny, and he had given it to Little Missy.

At the same time, it had also become his dao.

The dao needed to be carried.

Just like how the Dao of the five elements needed to carry the DAO, the past and the future needed to be carried as well.

That was why he had turned the Dao of dark death into the carrying of his past.

The vastness of this dao, to a certain extent… stemmed from luo, the shocking cultivators obsession with death.

As for the extreme future… I also need to carry the DAO.

This thing… I already have a guess, Wang Baole muttered softly to himself.

He lowered his head to look at the starry sky, his gaze becoming gentle.

Therefore, the only thing I have now is the present… and my world.

As he spoke, Wang Baole had already walked into the black wood, the most mysterious region in the stone tablet realm.

There… was a planet called the fated star.

There… was a god that had been created, known as the Exalted Heavenly Dharma.

The Exalted Heavenly Dharma had a book.

It was called… the fated book.

Step by step, Wang Baole walked into the fated star.

He walked to the mountaintop where he had come all those years ago.

There… The Exalted Heavenly Dharma sat cross-legged, meditating.

His eyes opened, and a smile appeared on his lips.

He stared at Wang Baoles figure as he gradually approached.

“From the moment I was born with consciousness, a voice told me that… one day, I would see a true God descend.

That voice told me that when I saw a god, I would be free.”

“Ive been waiting,”Guru Heavenly Dharma said softly.

Then, he stood up and bowed deeply towards Wang Baole.

As he bowed, his figure blurred, and so did the entire fated star.

Gradually, the star disappeared, turning into a gigantic book that floated in the starry sky!

The Heavenly Dharma Master disappeared as well.

He turned into an old ape and bowed towards Wang Baole.

Then, he disappeared again, as if he had left the place!

At the same time, the fated book vibrated.

It floated slowly in front of Wang Baole, as if it was waiting for him to take it.

Instead of picking it up immediately, Wang Baole stood in front of the Book of Destiny.

He turned to look at the starry sky and spoke softly.

“Will you, from this day forward… Be Mine”

It was faint, but when it came out, it reverberated through the world of Blackwood, in every star, in every consciousness of life.

Everything that existed in the stone stele world was sensed at that moment.

It turned into a roar in their hearts and shook their souls.

In their minds, they all recalled… Wang Baoles entire life!

They saw Wang Baoles happiness, saw his growth, saw his sadness, saw his madness, and saw his determination to protect this world.

This was… the only beautiful thing that could belong to him.

After a long while, the responses of all living beings came from within the stone stele world.




At that moment, be it plants or cultivators, be it mortals, beasts, mountains, rivers, or even stars, all living things were responding.

Streams of consciousness continued to come and gather, causing the heavenly fate book that Wang Baole was in to.., it gradually emitted a bright light.

Amidst the light and the countless responses, Wang Baole heard the voices of his family and friends from the Solar System.

He heard the excitement of his master, and he heard the excitement of his childhood friend.

Among them were Zhao Yameng, Zhuo Yifan, Lin Tianhao, and Du Min..

It wasnt just the Solar System.

It was the same for the left Dao, the side sect, and the central region.

There were people he was familiar with, and there were people who were originally hostile towards him.

However, at that moment, all of them… were responding.

In the end, the Xie clan patriarch and the Seven Spirits Dao Patriarch were silent, then they sighed softly and responded.

As they spoke, the entire stone stele world erupted with resplendent light.

Finally… the fallen land also responded.

All of the voices within the stone stele world fused together, it turned into an ancient and vast voice.

It was the voice of all living beings, and also… The Voice of the world spirit of the stone stele world!

“I do!”

The moment the voice appeared, the stone stele world disappeared.

Everything turned into rays of light that flowed from all directions into the heavenly fate book.

Within the pages of the book, they became… words.

The book was naturally made up of words.

This book was this world!

Wang Baoles eyes also shone with determination at that moment.

Slowly, he extended his right hand towards the heavenly fate book.

His palm was facing upwards.

In that instant, the heavenly fate book turned into a stream of light and shot towards Wang Baoles palm.

It became smaller and smaller until it finally landed on his palm.

It replaced Wang Baoles palm lines and completely fused with it.

In the next instant, Wang Baoles right palm gripped it carefully.

It was as if he was holding a treasure.

He raised his head.

What he saw in his eyes was no longer the starry sky, nor was there any godly spirit.

There was only an endless void, like a black hole without any suction force.

In this void, other than him… there were several other figures.

From Afar, at a height lower than his, they were looking at him silently.

The few figures were led by Little Missy.

Beside her was the Moon Star sect ancestor, as well as… an old ape and a fox.

After a long while, Wang Baole lowered his head.

He didnt look at Little Missys figure.

Instead, he looked at his palm.

Within that three-inch palm, there was..

His mortal world.


After the end of the volume, the next volume was opened on Monday: I Am Not an immortal!

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