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Chapter 1064: Thats Different

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After lunch at home, Lu Xingzhi drove Jiang Yao to the city in his second uncles car.

He bought a lot of gifts before going to Jiang Yaos parents house.

Just like Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu, Mr.

and Mrs.

Jiang did not know that Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao were home.

When they heard a car from the courtyard, they looked out and were surprised to see Jiang Yao getting out of the front passenger seat.

Then, they saw Lu Xingzhi.

“Jiang Jie! Wang Xian! Jiang Lei! Yaoyao and Xingzhi are back!” Mrs.

Jiang shouted into the house.

She immediately threw the broom in her hand and ran out to fetch her daughter and son-in-law.

“Why did you two come back all of a sudden Why didnt you tell us sooner”

“Dad, Mom, I brought Yaoyao back to celebrate the New Year as I have some off days,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“I did not come back the year I married Yaoyao.

I had no time that year, so I had to come back personally no matter what.”

“Hey, youre a soldier.

Youre different from others.

We understand!” Mrs.

Jiang really understood Lu Xingzhis identity, but when she heard that Lu Xingzhi had taken the time to come back for the New Year, she was moved and happy.

That meant that Lu Xingzhi valued her and her family.

“Its good that youre here.

You even brought so many things.

Yaoyao already sent many New Year gifts when she came back last time,” Mr.

Lu added.

“Thats different.” Lu Xingzhi carried all the bags to the door.

When he saw Wang Xian come out, he took the initiative to greet her.


That was the first time Lu Xingzhi and Wang Xian had officially met.

When he married Jiang Yao, Wang Xian had not been engaged to Jiang Jie yet, so she was not considered a member of the Jiang family and did not attend the wedding.

After that, he did not have many opportunities to meet Wang Xian.

However, he knew that his wife liked her sister-in-law very much, so he treated Wang Xian with a little more respect.

Wang Xian was a quiet person.

She smiled at Lu Xingzhi, addressed him as her brother-in-law, and then went into the house to make tea.

“Wheres Second Brother” Jiang Yao did not see Jiang Lei and asked casually.

“He always comes home at midnight during the holidays.

After lunch, he just went back to sleep.” Mrs.

Jiang complained about him.

“Ill go wake him up,” Jiang Yao said as she walked around the courtyard.

Then, she picked up dried dogstail grass from the courtyard corner before heading to Jiang Leis room.

When her mother saw the way Jiang Yao acted, she immediately burst into laughter.

“Shes been holding back in dealing with her second brother.

Shes already so old and still making a scene, like when she was young.

Isnt she afraid that people would laugh at her”

“Were a family.

Who could laugh at her” Jiang Yaos father did not feel that there was anything wrong with what Jiang Yao was doing.

He thought that girls should be like Jiang Yao, who could do as they pleased.

When she grew up, she would still cause a ruckus with her older brothers, like when they were young.

The two older brothers and their younger sister should stay close after their parents were not around.

Only then would they care more about their younger sister in the future.

Jiang Leis room was not locked from the inside.

Jiang Yao pushed her way into the room.

She swung the dogstail grass with her hand and swept it across Jiang Leis face.

When she saw Jiang Lei raise his hand to wipe his face and turn his body to continue sleeping, she changed directions and did it again.

After repeating it a few times, Jiang Lei finally woke up leisurely.

When he opened his eyes, he was shocked to see Jiang Yaos magnified face.

“F*ck! Where did you come from Didnt you go to the army”

Jiang Lei quickly sat up and rubbed his eyes.

When he looked closely and saw that it was really Jiang Yao, he was dumbfounded.

“When did you come back”

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