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Chapter 1204: Irreplaceable

“I can be an excellent doctor even if I study medicine.” Jiang Yao was full of confidence.

If Jiang Yao had participated in that days assessment before her rebirth, even if she did not test her marksmanship, she would have probably failed the round in the coffee shop.

She was able to pass all of the tests and reach that location due to Lu Xingzhis teachings.

The amount of time she had spent with Lu Xingzhi might not have been much, but he had taught her things that she could use for the rest of her life.

Lu Xingzhi slowly opened her eyes to see a different world.

He made her understand that she could also solve many other problems besides using her brain for medical skills.

She appeared to have developed into an even more remarkable Jiang Yao because of him.

“Your medical skills are already amazing.

Speaking of which, you saved my legs!” Colonel Lin patted his legs and sighed.

“If it were not for you, I would be a cripple lying on the bed right now.

When I was injured, I did not think that I could still recover and stay in the army.”

After he finished lamenting, Colonel Lin put on an extremely amiable smile and patted Jiang Yaos shoulder like an older brother, “Look at how amazing your medical skills are already.

Now, do you want to consider going to the military academy to further your studies, join the army and become a female soldier After you graduate, you can join the army and become Lu Xingzhis comrades-in-arms.”

Jiang Yao shook her head.

“I dont want to think about that.

Its enough that he and I are fighting for the country.

I want to be the woman in his life, not his comrade-in-arms.”

Furthermore, Lu Xingzhi would not allow her to transfer to the military academy.

He would not want her to be in any of those dangers, nor would he want her to be as busy as him in the future and not have much time to spend at home.

Lu Xingzhi had already been transferred to the special forces.

Unless she went to the Military Academy for Advanced Studies and returned to join the same team, she would still have to be separated from him.

They would still work in two different forces.

However, even if she could be part of the special forces, Jiang Yaos responsibilities would be as heavy as his.

She might be sent out to carry out missions as often as he did, and she would be away for several days.

Then, they would spend their lives waiting for each other to come home.

She would be worried about him, and he would miss her.

That was not the life that Jiang Yao wanted.

She wanted to be his wife, not his comrade-in-arms.

She wanted to be a woman who could give him children and build a warm family with him.

His comrade-in-arms were people who could be replaced, but his wife was irreplaceable.

The remaining people in the photo were not in that room.

They were only there to make up the numbers and mix the information.

Jiang Yao passed the assessment smoothly.

As Colonel Lin had said, her first two rounds were excellent, so the requirements for close combat skills were relatively low.

The police force only sent Xiao Li to fight with Jiang Yao.

Even though Xiao Li was from the archives department, she was pretty good at close combat in the police academy.

However, Jiang Yao had the medical systems combat power to suppress Xiao Li quite easily.

Jiang Yao only spent one morning to pass all the tests.

However, she was still unable to rush back to the army to have lunch with Lu Xingzhi because she had a meeting with Colonel Lin in the Police Crime Squad in the afternoon.

She had to memorize the mission information, and she also had to understand the contents of that mission before she could go back.

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