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Chapter 1217: Im In The Wrong

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Jiang Yao had initially intended to ignore Lu Xingzhi, but when she turned around and saw his head covered in snow, her heart ached for him.

As she walked toward Lu Xingzhi, her feet moved faster than she intended.

Her hands were more straightforward than her thoughts as she reached out to brush the snow on his hat.

“It is snowing so heavily outside; cant you use an umbrella before venturing outside”

Even a runaway like her was aware of the need to carry an umbrella.

How could that individual be unaware of it

The snow was thick and chilly.

How was he not frozen

“I forgot; I was pressed for time.” Lu Xingzhi saw that Jiang Yao still cared for him.

She would even remove the snow from his brow, which caused him to sighed in leisure.

“I cant find you at home.

Why didnt you bring your phone I was terrified when I could not be able to locate you, and so, I forgot about everything else.

Bring your phone with you everywhere in the future.

Its easier for me to find you.”

“I am mad at you.

I didnt want to speak with you in the first place, so why should I bring my phone with me To wait for your call Do you think Im an idiot” Colonel Lin, who observed the commotion, decided to provoke her some more.

He reminded Jiang Yao, who was caressing a particular someones head, that she had been angry, but she seemed to have cooled when she saw him.

Jiang Yao removed her hand when Colonel Lin said that.

She snorted as she turned her back on Lu Xingzhi.

How useless of her! Her heart ached for him when she saw him in that state, and she seemed to have forgotten about everything else when that happened.

She was no longer angry.

“It is nothing.

There is no reason to be mad.

Pay no attention to my husbands foolishness.

You should return home since your husband is here to pick you up.

He must have cooked dinner for you, so dont let the dishes get cold.

He had been working hard all day, so dont make him eat cold dishes.

Its not good for his health.

Its easy to feel sorry for our man, so no one will laugh at you.

Go home.” Mrs.

Lin decided to be the mediator.

“I appreciate your help, Sister Lin and Colonel Lin.

Then I shall go home with Xingzhi.” Jiang Yao thought it would be awkward, but her heart melted as she heard Mrs. Lins remarks.

She might have eaten something, but Lu Xingzhi must not have had anything to eat.

He had come looking for her as soon as he finished cooking at home.

If she were to drag things out, their dinner would be cold when they reached home.

Lu Xingzhi would still eat those cold dishes.

It was natural for her to feel sorry for her husband; she continued to tell herself that.

Why did she pity Lu Xingzhi Perhaps it was because she had always been kind to her.

“Go home.” Mrs.

Lin escorted the two of them to the door.

Lu Xingzhi clung to Jiang Yaos hand the entire way down the stairwell.

It was as if he feared that if he were to let go of her, he might lose her.

Lu Xingzhi apologized to his wife when they were downstairs.

“Oh…” Jiang Yao replied timidly.

Then, she said in a low tone, “I will never eat durian at home again.

From now on, I will eat it at Mrs.

Lins house.”

Lu Xingzhi quietly curved the corners of his lips in the darkness.

Yes, his wife was still quite amenable to coaxing.

It seemed like ultimatums were the best way to deal with her.

It always worked, and she never grew tired of it.

Lu Xingzhi had no doubts in mind that Jiang Yao would not have left him if he had not gathered two handfuls of snow from the ground and placed them on his head before walking to his neighbors house.

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