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Chapter 1266: Why Does He Have To Go

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However, when she thought about the sudden increase in the difficulty of Sha Yings mission, Jiang Yao prayed for their colleague.

However, when she thought about that woman, Jiang Yao decided not to sympathize with her.

As long as the entire mission was successful, it would be fine.

As for whether that womans mission was successful or not, it did not have much to do with Jiang Yao.

Even though they were a group, they were responsible for their own mission content.

The informant provided the citys name, where the young miss frequented, and then offered a list of a few people who had contacted the young miss.

Sha Ying had to learn the young miss identity from that information.

Then she had to gain the womans trust and be her spy.

However, Wen Yunfang would not be leaving Shu City for some time due to the problem with her face, so Sha Ying would have to wait.

The first dinner that Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi had at the mansion was delightful.

The entire building was occupied by Ah Zhu and his wife and by Brother Dings other subordinates.

They were all highly-valued subordinates, but no one could surpass Ah Zhu.

Since Ah Zhu was protecting them, no one dared to bully Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi.

The men drank and chatted the entire night happily.

Naturally, it was Ah Zhu who talked the night away.

After dinner, Lu Xingzhi told the others that he was taking Jiang Yao for a walk.

However, he did not cross the boundary toward the main building.

It was not the time.

Even though the building might contain much information that he wanted, he still chose to ignore it.

The two of them were walking around when Brother Ding drove in.

He saw the two of them and called Gu Zhangshu.

He looked at Jiang Yao and said, “Yunfang is in the hospital and is not in a good mood.

Go to the hospital and accompany her for a while.”

“Why would Young Miss want Changshu to accompany her when she is in a bad mood”

Jiang Yao held Lu Xingzhis hand tightly with an aggrieved look on her face.

She cursed Brother Dings ancestors in her heart.

Brother Ding acted as if he could not hear Jiang Yaos words and only cast his gaze at Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi also acted as if he was unwilling.

“Im taking my wife for a walk.

Shes full from eating.

Furthermore, shell be afraid if Im not around.

No matter where I go, she has to be there.

Otherwise, I wont be at ease.”

“Dont tell me that a woman has to follow her husband 24 hours a day when a man is doing great things Then how are you going to work for me in the future” Although he was satisfied that Gu Changshu cared about his wife, Brother Ding was a little disappointed that he cared so much.

Did Gu Changshu want Gu Junhui to follow him into the toilet as well

Lu Xingzhi paused for a few seconds before he answered, “Weve just arrived in Shu City.

My wife is very unfamiliar with this place, so Im worried.

When we get more familiar with it in the future, Ill go out and do some work.

Shell just have to wait for me at home.”

Brother Ding glanced at Gu Changshus wife.

His head hurt when he thought about the moody Wen Yunfang in the hospital.

“Then take your wife to the hospital.”

After saying that, Brother Ding drove into the compound.

Anyway, he just needed to get him there.

If Wen Yunfang could not defeat a woman like Gu Junhui and only knew how to throw tantrums, then there was nothing he could do for her as her godfather.

He had initially agreed that he would not interfere, but Wen Yunfang was in a bad mood, so he had to help her.

However, he thought of Ah Zhus words.

Before deciding whether he could use Gu Changshu, Brother Ding was not prepared to push Gu Changshu away .

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