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Chapter 1297: Her Favorite

“D*mn you, girl! You dont want to acknowledge your biological parents.

Sooner or later, you will be struck by lightning!” Old Madam Lin scolded Jiang Yao when she saw the situation.

Jiang Yao sneered, then took out her phone and called the police in front of everyone.

“Hello, this is the Jiang village.

Someone is causing trouble at my house.

They created a fake paternity test and are trying to scam me.”

Then, Jiang Yao told the other party the address of her house before hanging up the phone.

“Dad, Mom, lets go back into the courtyard.

Those scammers can stay wherever they want.

If they dont leave, the police will come and take them away later.” Jiang Yao pushed Mr.

and Mrs.

Jiang back into the courtyard.

After Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Jie entered the door, she closed and shut Old Madam Lins curses outside the door.

The police responded quickly.

Perhaps they knew that Jiang Yao was Lu Xingzhis wife, and she was the one who made the call.

They arrived in 15 minutes and escorted those outsiders into the police car.

Then one of the police officers knocked on the door.

When he realized that Lu Xingzhi had opened the door, the expression on his face became even more respectful.

Lu Xingzhi exchanged a few pleasantries with the police officers before sending them off.

Then, he returned to the courtyard and called his home to inform them of his and Jiang Yaos return.


Sun and the rest of the outsiders were causing so much trouble that Jiang Yaos parents did not get the chance to explain to Jiang Yao.

Therefore, they were explaining to Jiang Yao how they had carried her home that year.

Jiang Yaos parents did not hide anything from her.

They told her everything about how they had discovered Jiang Yao in the mountains that year.

However, they did not want Jiang Yao to hate her biological parents; they only wanted her to know that they found her abandoned.

She had the right to know about the truth.

If Jiang Yao did not know about her background, the Jiang family would hide it forever.

They also did not create a beautiful persona for the parents that abandoned her—it was unnecessary.

They did not want to mislead the poor child.

How could those parents be so heartless

After listening to her parents explanation, Jiang Yao stayed in her mothers embrace and refused to leave, “Mom, I dont care.

Anyway, since you and dad picked me up, I would be your child for the rest of my life.

I am only your child.

You guys are so good to me and love me so much.

I even have two brothers who spoil me.

I wont leave this family no matter what.

I wont leave, even if you chase me away one day! ”

Jiang Yaos coquettish words made Mrs.

Jiang burst into laughter.

She reached out and patted Jiang Yaos head.

She choked on her sobs and said, “Silly child, youre spouting nonsense.

Why would we chase you away Its too late for them to dote on you.

How could we bear to chase you away We have two sons.

We dont expect you and Xingzhi to take care of us in old age.

We dont want to be a burden to you two.

Thats why we dont want you to leave just because they might dote on you.

Yaoyao, do you understand Even though I didnt give birth to you, youre just like your two brothers.

Youre my favorite.”

“Mom, I know, I do know that.” If her mom did not love her like she was her favorite, why did she hear complaints from her family when she left so insensibly back then

Even though they were disappointed, they were more worried about whether she had suffered outside.

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