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Chapter 1495: Well See

“Ill take him to wash his face.” Lu Xingzhi did not ask what the child was thinking; he carried him out as if he was carrying some luggage.

Lu Xingzhi took care of Jiang Yao by helping her with the water and towel.

She did not expect him to take care of anyone else but her.

After bringing the child to the bathroom, he went back to Jiang Yao.

It did not seem like he cared whether the child had washed or not.

He helped Jiang Yao back to the room to lie down and rest.

He even scolded Jiang Yao for always standing outside.

Jiang Yao was already used to Lu Xingzhis occasional nagging, so she did not say anything about it.

Instead, she asked about the arrangement that Lu Xingzhi had just mentioned.

“You want to send the children to school, but they are already 12 years old.

A normal child should be in middle school.

What about him”

Lu Xingzhi said, “Well see.

Lets see if we can find his family.

Otherwise, we can send him to the orphanage.

I can fund his schooling; it will be a good arrangement for him.”

There were many villages near the barracks.

If those orphans affected the other children in the army, they would have impacted children in the village.

Lu Xingzhis arrangement would also be beneficial to them.

However, he did not intend to tell Jiang Yao too much about those official matters.

He reckoned Jiang Yao could guess his intentions.

The child would need to do something that would allow him to gain a foothold quickly once he was no longer at the military building.

One of the opportunities had knocked on his door.

When Lu Xingzhi went to pour tea for Jiang Yao, he saw that the child had already washed his face and was standing at the door, hesitating to go in.

Then, he said, “Come in!”

After the child came in, Lu Xingzhi said, “Have you thought about what I said If you agree, I will send you and your friends to the orphanage in the city.

I will pay your school fees.

If you disagree, you can leave after lunch.

Lu Xingzhi blocked the child when he poured a glass of water, so Jiang Yao could not see the childs appearance.

When Lu Xingzhi returned to her with a cup of water, Jiang Yao finally saw him.

The child had been wandering outside all year long, so his face had always been dirty.

Plus, Colonel Yes wife had hit him a few times, so Jiang Yao could hardly see what he had looked like.

However, she had seen his face clearly then.

She was completely dumbfounded!

The childs face was still red and swollen, but that did not prevent Jiang Yao from recalling the childs appearance through his facial features.

When she saw him, she recalled that rainy night that made her heart ache.

That child was the young soldier who had followed Lu Xingzhi to the small mountain village to participate in the rescue.

At that time, that young soldier had hugged Lu Xingzhis belongings and cried as if he had lost someone significant to him.

Jiang Yao did not expect to see that young soldier there.

She also did not expect that the fair and neat young soldier would look like that when he was young.

“Youre not even blinking.” Lu Xingzhi snorted with a slightly sour tone.

Was the child that good-looking

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