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Chapter 1637: Get Her Back

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Her husband had given their fellow countrymen an unwavering faith in the country.

He had given the people a lot of trust in the country and the militarys capabilities.

He was a man who made her proud, a man who made her proud, and a man who made her family proud.

Jiang Yaos heart felt soft.

Even if no one knew that he was the one who did that, it was enough for her to know.

‘Lu Xingzhi, Lu Xingzhi.

She repeated his name in her heart over and over again, engraving it in her heart.

At that moment, Jiang Yao really missed Lu Xingzhi.

She really wanted to see him, give him a hug and a kiss, tell him how proud she was of him, and tell him just how much she missed him.

Everywhere she went, she heard people talking about the broadcast they had heard in the morning.

Even though not every family had a radio or television, the news had spread verbally.

Master Cheng and Cheng Jinyan stayed in town for eight days.

After that, Master Cheng took the medicine that Jiang Yao had prepared for him and left with his sons.

Even though he had a daughter in that town that he was quite fond of, he was even fonder of his wife.

Old Madam Liang and Xiao Ya stayed two days longer than Master Cheng.

When Mr.

Liang finished his business there and returned to Jindo City, he picked up Old Madam Liang and Xiao Ya along the way.

Once the guests left, the Lu family, which had been bustling for a long time, suddenly became deserted.

Sometimes, even Mrs.

Lu would complain that he was a little unaccustomed to it.

Just as Mrs.

Lu and Mr.

Lu were still getting used to the quiet, Jiang Yao received a call from Xiao Ya, saying that Liang Yueze had gone to attend Luo Ruorans wedding.

Jiang Yao was surprised and happy.

“He told you that he was going to attend Sister Ruorans wedding”

“Of course not.

We didnt get an invitation to her wedding.

We were only informed that she would get married again.” Xiao Ya sounded regretful.

“Didnt Second Brother Liang tell us that he would attend Sister Ruorans wedding Isnt Sister Ruoran getting married today Second Brother Liang must have made an excuse to go to Sister Ruorans city yesterday.

He must have gone to see Sister Ruoran.

Dont you think that adults are very strange Can they wish for the exes to be happy without any conflict”

Jiang Yaos heart skipped a beat when she heard those words, “Big Brother may have gone to the city where Sister Ruoran lives, but were not sure if he will go to Sister Ruoran.

Even if he sees her, he cant wish for her happiness, right I dont know about other things, but if he is still in love with her, would he still wish her that”

Xiao Ya was young and had never dated anyone.

She had never liked anyone, so she really could not understand what that would feel like.

“I think Second Brother Liang still likes Sister Ruoran.

Maybe he will get her back After all, Second Brother Liangs temper doesnt seem like someone who wouldnt do something like that.” Xiao Ya guessed that there might be a possibility that Ruoran would be happy in the future.

“I hope Second Brother Liang can get Sister Ruoran back.

We dont even know anything about the man that Sister Ruoran is marrying..

Why would he suddenly appear and snatch Sister Ruoran away from us If Sister Ruoran isnt around, Ill be bored in Jindo City.”

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