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Chapter 1653: You Two Are The Same

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Jiang Yao stared at the pile of things on the ground and did not even have time to stop him.

“Second Brother, Im already 20 years old.

Look at what you brought me.

Pink slippers A hairpin with a bow And a Snow White school bag”

“I bought that when I first went to Yuan City.

At that time, I hadnt thought about it yet.

When you were young, you liked these things, and when you had money to go shopping, youd buy them.

Later, when I went to Jindo City, every time I went shopping, Lu Xiaoxiao would follow me.

She told me you wouldnt like those, so I listened to her and bought you something else instead.

Jiang Lei chuckled as he touched the tip of his nose.

Perhaps before Lu Xiaoxiao stopped him from buying those childish things, the things that Jiang Yao was most satisfied with were probably the books, like the foreign classics.

“I bought these for you according to what I think.

That is a spring dress that I bought a few days ago.

The Jindo City store just went on sale.

Xiaoxiao said you like this brand, including a matching pair of leather shoes, scarves, and an outer coat.

I even bought you a new backpack.”

The gifts that Jiang Lei took out later were better.

Jiang Yao looked at the selection of gifts with entirely different styles and laughed until she trembled.

“Second Brother, you have to thank Xiaoxiao for bringing your aesthetic standards back to normal.

However, I will keep the gifts you gave me.

When I have a daughter, I will give them to her.

I will tell her that her second uncle bought them for her.” Jiang Yao smiled as she carried the gifts upstairs to her room to put them away.

She did not bother to tidy them first.

Instead, she went back downstairs and told Jiang Lei about the Tea Chamber of Commerce.

“You should join the Tea Chamber of Commerce.

YN is not a chaotic place.

Furthermore, if you join now, it is equivalent to the government sending you there.

You can say that you are under the protection of the governments from both sides.” Jiang Yao went behind Jiang Lei and patted his shoulder to show her support.

“Go ahead.

I will give you the contact information for the two people.

They are YN locals and my friends.

If you have any difficulties when you get there, just call them.

They will help you solve it.”

“You are the best!” Jiang Lei turned around and hugged Jiang Yao.

He was very happy.

“I knew that you would support me when I came back to look for you.

I will bring you a gift when I come back from YN!”

Jiang Lei still wanted to go back to his elder brother and sister-in-laws home, so he did not stay in the Lu family for long.

Before Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu returned from work, he was ready to leave.

Jiang Yao thought about it.

She had been back in town for so long, but she had not gone home yet.

So, she left a note and went next door to get the car.

Then, she left with Jiang Lei to look for her elder brother and sister-in-law in the village.

Before Jiang Lei came back, he did not call his family, and he did not even tell Jiang Yao.

So, the two siblings appeared at Jiang Jies workplace and claimed to be there to pick up his brother and sister-in-law, which made Jiang Jie laugh out of anger.

“You two behave the same way.

Why didnt you call before coming here” Jiang Jie looked at Jiang Yao, who was sitting in the drivers seat.

He had heard Lu Xingzhi say that Jiang Yao could drive, so he was not too surprised.

Lu Xingzhis assurance that Jiang Yao could drive showed that Jiang Yaos driving skills were not bad.

Jiang Lei said, “Its not a surprise if we had called ahead.”

“Did you come back alone Or did you bring Lu Xiaoxiao with you” Jiang Jie asked Jiang Lei casually as he helped his pregnant wife into the back seat.

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