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Chapter 1701: Ill Cut Them

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Each persons palm print was unique.

He remembered her entire person, including the lines on her palms.

He must have stayed in the mountains for a long time—he had grown a beard.

When Jiang Yao touched his chin, his beard pricked her palm.

The man pressing on her sensed it.

He pushed her hand back in dissatisfaction, letting her hand continue to press against his face.

“Who drew your face Its so ugly.

Tell me their number, and Ill cut him.” Lu Xingzhi raised his hand to wipe Jiang Yaos face, but he could not wipe it off as it was a special paint.

Lu Xingzhi clicked his tongue.

His fair, clean, and fairy-like wife had been drawn like a ghost by those guys on the Red Team.

“Youre about the same.

Were about the same.

Dont look down on each other.” Jiang Yao giggled.

Then, she retracted her hand and looked at it carefully.

If she had not participated in the drill, if she had escaped through the window, and if it had not been for the fact that it was Lu Xingzhi who happened to be chasing after her, she probably would not have known that Lu Xingzhi could remember her so well.

He could recognize her at a glance just by the lines on her hands.

That man had deep feelings in his heart, but he had never bothered to say it.

Jiang Yao believed him when he said that he recognized every part of her body.

Lu Xingzhis laughter did not come from his throat but his lungs.

It was a muffled laugh, but there was a hint of sweetness in it.

The fragrance of some unknown flowers accompanied the wind in the mountains, and her ears were filled with the never-ending sound of cicadas flapping their wings.

There was also her shallow breathing.

He recalled the scene where he saw a pair of fair hands slowly raised behind the bushes.

The light in the bushes was not very bright, so when he saw the hands, he still took two steps forward, although he guessed that the person must have raised their hands to surrender.

Later, the wind must have blown the leaves above her head, and the moonlight shone on her raised hand without any obstruction.

At that moment, the lines on her palm were like a painting displayed in front of his eyes.

The familiar lines, the clean lines, had suddenly appeared.

Lu Xingzhi remembered when the old man in the town said that a person with clean palm lines would have a good life for the rest of their lives.

When he first held her hand and saw the lines for the first time, he thought she would have a good life because he could give her all his love.

After that one observation, the image of her hands was engraved in his mind.

If he knew that his wife was in the Red Teams team on the first day of the drill, he would probably break into the Red Teams logistics department.

He only had one goal, and that was to bring his wife home.

He did not know who arranged the list of doctors from both sides.

He was happy and worried about Jiang Yaos presence in the drill.

Lu Xingzhi carefully recalled the description of the Red Teams doctor given by the two scouts on the first day of the drill.

She was about 1.65 meters tall and had a ponytail.

When she smiled, there were two dimples on her face.

When she smiled, other people could not help but want to hug her.

Lu Xingzhis memories came to an abrupt end.

A thought popped up in his mind.

It seemed like he would have to teach those b*stards a lesson when he returned.

They wanted to hug his wife

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