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Chapter 1770: The Order

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Those two shots had stunned those people.

A few seconds later, those people quickly retreated and returned to their original cars.

Then, Big Ke and Ah Lu ran toward the black car that had fallen on the side of the barrier.

They discovered that Jiang Yaos figure had already disappeared from the car, and the van that had crashed into Jiang Yaos car was also gone.

There was a small pool of blood on the black cars driver seat.

When Big Ke noticed it, he shouted at Ah Lu,It doesnt look like much blood.

Director Jiangs injuries shouldnt be serious.

Then, Ah Lu said, “Looking at the position, there might be some blood on her arm.

Director Jiangs reaction is faster than

we thought.

She should be okay, but the people in the van must have taken her.


“The person who blocked us in must have been an accomplice.” Big Ke gritted his teeth.

By the time they got to the car to save Jiang Yao, those people had already taken her away.

“Young Master Lu is locked in his training, so we cant contact him now.

We must look for his leader then; perhaps he can find Young Master Lu.” Ah Lu immediately pulled Big Ke back to the taxi, and the two of them asked the driver to turn around and head to the military base as soon as possible.

When Jiang Yao heard Ah Lus call, she had already noticed the car behind her before it crashed into her car.

She even heard them speak.

“Crash into her and force her to stop! Our car has been modified, so there wont be any problems!”

Jiang Yao quickly took measures to save herself.

Even though she did not have the time to abandon the car, she only suffered a minor injury.

She only suffered a small cut on her arm.

With Jiang Yaos ability, it was not difficult for her to escape, but Jiang Yao wanted to know who had planned that attempt in such a short time since she had just arrived in the city.

Furthermore, she saw quite many people had participated in the kidnapping.

Who could arrange such a thing in such a short time

Jiang Yao also heard them mention that they wanted to kidnap her and send her to stay with another woman.

It meant they had also kidnapped another woman.

Jiang Yao changed her ming; she decided not to run away immediately.

She had a gun on her, and she had Moe with her.

There were still some things in her system lab that were more secretive and useful than the neurotoxin.

Big Ke and Ah Lu were behind her, and if they could not find her, then they would go to the army.

Therefore, Jiang Yao was not worried at all.

Her kidnappers quickly carried her into the modified van; they casually threw her in the back.

The van moved pretty quickly as if it had grown wings, and it was heading in a direction that Jiang Yao did not understand.

About two hours later, the car finally stopped.

It stopped at a factory.

Jiang Yao took a look at the location.

She was a little surprised to see that it was a gemstone processing factory.

‘There were some stones piled up in the corner.

Some of the workbenches even had half-polished jade stones.

The closer the workbench, the better the jade stones were.

“The order is to send her to the room on the third floor, in the same room as the other woman.

Get a few more people to guard her.

If anything goes wrong, we wont be able to pay for it..

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