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Chapter 1783: Thoughtfulness

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Sometimes people were careless, but sometimes they were also careful.

How could Colonel Ye not understand his family members

After all, Ye Xueli was a young girl, and he was a soldier and a father.

With just a few glances from Ye Xueli, he knew the answer in Ye Xuelis heart.

It was also because he knew that he was very disappointed in Xueli.

‘What was she doing when the entire army was worried about Colonel Lus wife Was she looking forward to his wife leaving that world as soon as possible, just like Ye Jianguo had said

Ye Xueli stood there for a long time without reacting, Her eyes slowly turned red.

She never thought that she would be given such an ultimatum.

She was in a dilemma.

She did not think she would not be kicked out of the house, but what would the entire army think of her

She believed that her father would do what he said if she did not tell them.

She saw the disappointment in her fathers eyes.

That was the second time she had seen that emotion in her fathers eyes.

The first time was when she insisted on breaking off the engagement with her previous fiancé.

Ye Xueli was panicking, Even though her fathers military rank and position were not high, he was also the leader of a regiment, a leader in the army.

Her father had arranged her job for her.

Many people in the school knew that she was the daughter of a colonel, so they flattered her incessantly.

If she were kicked out of the Ye family, then everything she had would be gone.

“When she was kidnapped, I was working as a tutor at a students home.

That students house was right next to where the accident happened.

It was a new building, and it was on the sixth floor, which was higher than the old bungalow next to it, so I could see it clearly.

I saw the person in the van carrying

another person into the car and then drove it from Highway 103 toward Wuhang village.

It was a coincidence.

When their car turned into the road into the village, another van brushed past them.

That van kept driving toward Highway 103.”

Ye Xueli wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes.

“I also saw the faces of a few people in the car.

They all looked fierce and fierce.

I was scared.

Im sorry.

I was scared, so I didnt dare to tell you.

Furthermore, I didnt know that the person kidnapped was Mrs.


I didnt come back when she was here.


didnt see her, so I really didnt know that it was Mrs.


I didnt even know that the person kidnapped was her.

How could I possibly hope for her death as Ye Jianguo said He must have been charmed by her and then refused to admit that he was talking nonsense.”

The people in the office only wanted some information, so after they got the information they wanted, they told Colonel Ye to leave with Ye Xueli.

However, they looked at the family in the corner and shook their heads helplessly after they left.

“Colonel Yes daughter is really spoiled.”

“Although Ye Jianguo is thoughtless and can sometimes make people angry, he is a good-hearted person.” The people at the side shook their heads.

“As for Ye Xueli, she is a girl, but she thinks too much.

Some words were not meant to be said.

Everyone knew what those words meant.

After all, no one was stupid.

Ye Xueli had said that she was scared and did not dare tell them about the information.

She also said that she did not know that Mrs.

Lu was in trouble.

She said that she did not know before her return to the army base, and she still did not know when she was there..

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