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Chapter 1822 Hug You A Little Longer

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“I just woke up.” Lu Xingzhi lowered his head and kissed her forehead.

One second, he was smiling, and the next, he turned hostile.

“Who told you to travel in the middle of the night Didnt I tell you to wait for me in

Nanjiang City”

Jiang Yao only needed to use three words to break Lu Xingzhis serious expression.

“I miss you,” she said somberly.

Then, she rubbed her face against his chin and said coquettishly, “Anyway, Luo City and Nanjiang City are so close, so | came home to you.”

“I have Big Ke, Ah Lu, and Moe with me.

What could happen to me After you called me, I couldnt sleep.

Since I couldnt sleep, so I thought I should head home.” Jiang Yao blinked her eyes and looked at Lu Xingzhi

before saying, “If youre angry, theres nothing I can do about that.”

Even though she was angry, it did not last longer than a minute.

She had a way of making him let go of his temper.

“Youre really something.”

Lu Xingzhi did not pursue the matter.

He patted her head, then touched his chin.

“My face is full of stubble, but you still kissed me last night.

It seems that you really want to do that.”

Jiang Yao pretended that she did not hear the last part of his teasing.

She knew he compromised for her, which was a good thing.

It was obvious that he could not do anything to her.

Therefore, Lu Yuqing was not entirely correct.

She could always wrap the man who loved her tightly around her finger.

“So youre not angry, right” Jiang Yao asked.

“Whats the use of being angry Anyway, youre back.

Even if Im angry, you wont admit your mistakes.

You wont change,” Lu Xingzhi scolded Jiang Yao with a smile.

“I do know you very well.”

“Stop talking nonsense.

Just tell me if youre still angry now,” Jiang Yao asked while stroking the beard on his chin.

It was interesting.

It was like rubbing a lawn—prickly and itchy.

Jiang Yao thought that Lu Xingzhi must

be a handsome old man with a beard when he was 40 years old.

“Im not angry.”

Lu Xingzhi let Jiang Yao play with his chin.

He even pressed her palm on his chin with force.

When she retracted her hand, he smiled wickedly.

“Im not shaving it anymore.

Ill leave it for you to play with until youre


Jiang Yao rolled her eyes.

Then, she pinched his chin.

Initially, she wanted to pull his beard, but it was too short.

She could not do it with her bare hands.

She lacked a tool.

If she had a pair of tweezers, she could pull

them out, one by one.

“You said it yourself; youre not angry anymore.” Jiang Yao pulled her hand back and pushed Lu Xingzhi to the side.

Seeing that Lu Xingzhi was unhappy and wanted to pull her back to continue hugging her, she stuffed

the blanket into his hand.

“Come back.

Let me hold you for a little longer.”

Lu Xingzhi threw the blanket away and gestured at Jiang Yao.

“Lu Xingzhi, Im going to tell you something very serious.

Although youre not angry anymore, Im furious.” Jiang Yao sat down.

She stared at the man on the bed, trying to pull her to him.

Lu Xingzhi did not quite understand what Jiang Yao meant, so he asked bluntly, “Why are you angry”.

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