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Chapter 1861 Confirmed

That was the only thing she could do without risking her life.

“Have they evacuated all the tourists in the Martyrs Mausoleum”

Jiang Yao suddenly asked, “If there are still tourists in the Martyrs Mausoleum, those people might be inside.”

“No, they should be among the workers at the cemetery.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to transport so many bombs there without being noticed.” Lu Xingzhi would not let Jiang Yao take another step into the cemetery.

He said, “Even though the cemetery has been closed and all the staff members have been evacuated, we will investigate the staff members once the bomb is confirmed.

However, there is no guarantee of safety inside.

If the cultists find out, they will detonate the bomb.

Therefore, you cant go.”

The Martyrs Mausoleum was closed due to a senior leaders temporary decision to visit the cemetery to pay homage to the heroes.

As a result, all the tourists were told to leave, and all the personnel were transferred from their posts to a conference room to discuss some issues.

To avoid arousing suspicion from others, they had arranged for someone to raise an issue.

That pretext adequately disguised the reason the military and police encircled the Martyrs Mausoleum.

“Its just checking for bombs.

How are they going to ensure the safety of Lanning City if they cant even do such a small thing” Lu Xingzhi saw the worried expression on Jiang Yaos face and said, “Every soldier stationed here is not an ordinary soldier, so its not difficult for them to get rid of the bomb.

Therefore, they didnt even ask me for help.

We just need to wait for Moe to return and inform them that Moe has been found.”

It was not that Lu Xingzhi did not care about the issue, but he believed that the soldiers could solve it.

Just as the two of them returned discreetly, Lu Xingzhi received a call from the First Battalions commander, confirming the presence of the bomb at the Martyrs Mausoleum.

“The bomb is a homemade time bomb, and the detonation time is at 7 p.m.


Besides the bomb, there is also an improvised explosive, which is used to increase the power of the explosion.” The commander felt a lingering fear in his heart.

“Its only 9:00 a.m.


There is still a long time before 7:00 p.m.

Fortunately, we discovered it early, so we have enough time to clear those bombs.” If they missed one of the homemade time bombs, the end outcome would be unthinkable.

The distance between the explosives and the position of the bombs was estimated, so leaving a bomb to explode could still destroy the entire cemetery.

The people who made those bombs must have given the person who planted the bomb a heads-up, or the people who planted the bombs were highly educated.

They could even take into account the bombs blast radius.

In short, the existence of homemade bombs proved one thing to them.

There was a highly intelligent and educated criminal in that organization.

Moe only returned after more than an hour.

When he was back, he immediately jumped onto the table and told Jiang Yao what he had learned.

“I met one of their elders.

He was about 40 years old.

There was also a young boy in his 20s.

That boy called him teacher.

The place they met was a firecracker factory in the north of Lanning City, but the owner was not that old.

I also heard them talking about a sacrifice.

It was very mysterious.

I didnt see anyone.

It seemed that the sacrifice was for communicating with their god.

He said that their god would bless and grant eternal life to those who had made great contributions.”

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