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Chapter 1919: You Know About It Too

Luo Ruoran had planned to raise the child alone because she had divorced Liang Yueze.

However, the child resembled Liang Yueze.

Everyone who knew Liang Yueze would know that he was the childs father once they saw the baby.

It would be difficult for Luo Ruoran to live abroad with only her child.

Furthermore, the child would not be able to go back to their country.

Jiang Yao knew that Mrs.

Luo was worried about that, but that should be reserved for the future.

Luo Ruoran and her baby were fine, so why should they worry so much

She had wanted to give Luo Ruoran a surprise, so she did not expect Luo Ruoran to surprise her instead.

The hospital staff took Luo Ruoran to the ward, and Mrs.

Luo was also there to take care of her.

Jiang Yao went to a hotel near the hospital to take a rest.

She had gone straight to the operating room from the airport, so she was tired.

She planned to go to the hospital to visit Luo Ruoran the next day.

Big Ke and Ah Lu had already arranged the accommodation in advance.

When Jiang Yao returned to the hotel, she took a shower.

When she came out of the bathroom, her phone rang.

It was Lu Xingzhi.

He must have called because of Liang Yueze.

“Are you with Luo Ruoran How is she” Lu Xingzhi went straight to the point.

“You know about it too”

Jiang Yao was puzzled.

How did Lu Xingzhi know about Luo Ruorans accident

“Auntie Luo left her home in a hurry.

After Auntie Liang saw it, she asked the Luo familys servant and found out that something had happened to Ruoran.

She fell down the stairs.

Seeing how anxious Auntie Luo was, it seemed a little serious.” Then, Lu Xingzhi immediately reminded her; he said, “No matter where you are, you have to take care of yourself.”

“I just left the hospital.

Dont worry, shes fine,” Jiang Yao said.

Then, she said, “Dont worry, I will take good care of your baby.”

“And yourself.”

Lu Xingzhi could hear the sourness in Jiang Yaos tone.

Was she jealous of her child

“Since Ruoran is fine, go to a police station near you.

You need to bail Big Brother out ofjail.” Lu Xingzhi finally mentioned the purpose of his call.

“He went to see her after he heard about the accident.

He saw Luo Ruorans husband at the hospital entrance, and then he beat him up.

The hospital called the police, and they took him away.”

Jiang Yao facepalmed.

“Okay, I got it.

Ill go over now.”

‘Take Big Ke and Ah Lu with you.

Dont go alone.

Let them protect you.” Lu Xingzhi would not let Jiang Yao go alone.

After he heard about Luo Ruorans accident, he was even more worried about Jiang Yao.

‘Come home after that.

I worry when youre not with me.” It was not up for discussion.

“Ill get Big Ke to book the plane tickets.”


After all, Jiang Yao did not want to stay abroad any longer.

She was also worried about Lu Xingzhi.

She also missed him.

It had been a few days since she last saw him.

After the call, Jiang Yao went to get Big Ke and Ah Lu.

When she arrived at the police station, Liang Yueze and another man seemed to be coordinating in the police stations office..

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