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Jiang Yao was not religious, but at that moment, she prayed as she lay on the bed.

She prayed that the world would always be peaceful and free from natural and man-made disasters.

She also prayed that the weather would always be good.

She did it for the man who was afraid of disturbing her.

She did it so that he would not need to work so hard.

He had worked so hard that it made her heart ache.

There had been moments when Jiang Yao almost told Lu Xingzhi that he should leave the army.

They were not short of money; they did not need him to work so hard.

Her heart ached for him as he worked in the rain.

However, she managed to hold it in when she snapped back to her senses.

Lu Xingzhi ate his meal with great care and did not make any noise to avoid disturbing Jiang Yao, who had gone back to her room to rest.

Jiang Yao, Who was lymg in the bedroom, pricked her ears to listen to any small movements in the living room.

It was not until Lu Xingzhi ate his medicine, cleaned the dishes, and returned to the study that Jiang Yao removed her attention from Lu Xingzhi.

She sighed when she looked at the empty space beside her.


She hoped that he would never get sick again.

She was not used to not having him sleeping with her in his arms or touching her stomach.

Lu Xingzhi was exhausted.

He fell asleep quickly on the bed.

When he woke up, it was already past eight oclock the next day.

He had taken medicine for his fever before going to bed the previous night.

In addition, his physical condition was good, so his fever subsided after he woke up.

Lu Xingzhi finally understood what it meant to be lethargic and without any strength.

Lying on the bed, he was so weak that he did not even bother to open his eyes.

At that time, Jiang Yao had already returned from outside.

She held the breakfast that she had ordered from the canteen with a rare relaxed smile on her face.

The rain had stopped when she woke up that morning.

There was a piece of news that made everyone in the army excited.

So far, they had yet to receive news of another major flood, so that years rainy season was finally over.

“You went out”

Lu Xingzhi frowned when he saw Jiang Yao in her coat when she entered the door.n

“I went out when I saw the rain had stopped.”

Jiang Yao nodded with a smile and said, “I gave the medicine to Zhou Junmin and asked him to give it to his comrades.

“I even went to the canteen to get breakfast.

There was a big pot of porridge and tea in the canteen.

The soldiers were forced to drink a big bowl of either one before they could leave.”

Lu Xingzhis expression relaxed slightly.

There was a faint, almost imperceptible smile on his face..

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