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Chapter 2161: Unreachable

Jiang Yao knew she would not be able to get a response from Chen Feibai so quickly after they got into a fight, so she patiently went for a walk in the courtyard to watch the sunset.

Jiang Yao received a response from Chen Feibai after dinner.

There was also a complaint from him.

[You must give me some medicine to suppress my rage.

Zheng Yi is angry every day.

She always roars at me when she speaks to me.]

Jiang Yao smiled and burst out laughing.

She replied negatively and then dialed the phone number in the text message.


Jiang Yao did not expect Chen Feitangs phone to be turned off.

It was already dark outside.

Even if she could not use her phone during the army day, no one would be watching her when she returned to her dormitory after training.

Jiang Yao thought,Are Chen Feitang and Lu Xingzhi on a mission together

Jiang Yao returned Chen Feitangs call.

When he picked up the phone, she heard another animals cry on the other end.

Jiang Yao was not surprised or scared in the least.

Chen Feibai would not be Chen Feibai if he did not devise some tricks.

Jiang Yao waited calmly for the animals cry to die down before asking, “Did you ask your grandfather if Chen Feitang has been out on a mission recently Her phone is turned off.”

“How would I know”

Chen Feibais voice was flat because he realized Jiang Yao was not scared and was bored.

“I am guessing the old man doesnt either.

She joined the Lanning army without informing the old man.

The old man was furious for a long time but paid no attention to her.

He didnt even remember her phone number.

It was even given to me by her parents.

They claim that the old man has not paid attention to her in a long time.

In other words, the old man has not looked at her in a long time.

He has an ex-military dog.

He goes out daily to walk the dog and look at the birds.

Then he goes to find Old Master Liang and his old friends for tea and chess.”

Chen Feibai chuckled when he said, “Its most likely because of me and Chen Feitang.

The old man was hoping that I would marry and give birth to an heir for him as soon as I recovered.

In the end, I ran away.

Then, he was hoping to find a son-in-law for Chen Feitang.

In the end, Chen Feitang also ran away.

What do you want to ask Chen Feitang”

“Xingzhi went to the Lanning army base a few days ago.

I havent been able to contact him for the past few days.

However, I have something rather important to tell him, so I want to ask her about the situation at the Lanning unit.” Jiang Yao did not hide anything from Chen Feibai.

“Do you know about the murder of Zhou Xiaoxias family in Yuan City”

“I didnt know that.

Chen Feibai was at the border, where news was relatively slow, so he had no idea what had happened in Yuan City.

However, he was aware of the incident that had happened to Jiang Yaos roommate, so when he heard the news, he was astounded.

“Murder Four people in the family Who was responsible Why is he so insane”

“We suspect that its Qian Yunen.

I also suspect that Qian Yunen is in Lanning now.

He had attacked me before, but he failed.

I dont want him to ambush Xingzhi in Lanning.

I want to remind Lu Xingzhi to be wary of Qian Yunen,” Jiang Yao said.

Even though she was not certain that the young master in Lanning was Qian Yunen, Jiang Yao still wanted to warn Lu Xingzhi to be wary of that person..

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