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Chapter 2176: Smooth Sailing

“Director Jiang, you want to ask me about Madam Cheng, right Let me guess.

You probably want to ask why Ah Lu and I are mercenaries.

Do we miss our parents Ah Lu and I are both alone.” Big Ke laughed.

“Theres nothing to miss.”

Jiang Yao pursed her lips.

“Why didnt I realize you were so smart before”

“Director Jiang, Ah Lu and I saw what happened between you and Madam Cheng.” Big Ke laughed self-deprecatingly.

“To be honest, were quite envious of you.”

Ah Lu said, “Thats right.

At least your parents are well.

Big Ke and I are orphans.”

“Director Jiang, Madam Cheng didnt abandon you on purpose back then, so dont hate her.”

“I dont hate her, “Jiang Yao explained hurriedly.

“I dont, because Im also very happy.

I didnt live a miserable life because of her absence.

My parents gave me what she did not, and they even gave me twice as much.”

“She gave birth to you, but she did not raise you.

She was forced into that situation.

She loves you, and she indeed cares about you.

Your family members in the Jiang family dont oppose you and Madam Cheng recognizing each other as family members, so you dont have to feel any pressure.

Youve returned her favor.

You dont owe her anything, and you acknowledged her too.

Youre lucky that you have another family member who loves you.

“Director Jiang, Im sure many people have said youre very lucky, right Your life is smooth-sailing.

You have the right to choose.

No one will blame you, and no one will put pressure on you.

Young Master Lu has already said that he wants you to live your life as you please, so why do you have to think so much Its good to do as you please.”

Jiang Yao gradually quieted down.

“Director Jiang, the most unfortunate thing in your life is the relationship between you and the Lin familys mother and son.

However, the heavens have compensated you with a better relationship.

The heavens favored you; maybe you saved the human race in your previous life.” After Big Ke finished speaking, he laughed.

“I dont know how many brothers and sisters in our mercenary group have the same word written on their profiles.

Most of us are orphans.”

Big Ke and Ah Lu felt they had said enough when Jiang Yao did not say anything, so they quieted down and did not say anything else.

Jiang Yao did not get comfortable until the plane took off.

She stared at her phone every second before the plane took off, wondering if it would suddenly ring in the next second.

So her mood was very depressed and nervous during that time.

The plane took off, marking the beginning of her journey to Lanning.

As a result, her mood improved.

Things would fall into place.

She could have told Ah Lu that God favored her.

She had already encountered a reincarnation.

What else would she be afraid of

After more than four hours, the plane finally landed at Lannings airport.

Jiang Yao did not receive any messages from Liang Yueze during the flight.

Her phone did not ring until the plane touched down.

“Big Brother, the plane had already landed on the taxiway.” Jiang Yao was extremely calm.

“We still havent found the person.

After you get off the plane, try to stall for time.

Be careful.” Liang Yuezes voice was terrifyingly gloomy..

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