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Chapter 2187: Suffering

There were signs of chaos in the corridor.

Doctors and nurses came and went, and almost all were running.

Many had their white coats stained with blood.

Those soldiers had caused the small hospital in that town to become less idle than usual.

Everyone who came and went had a solemn look on their face.

Jiang Yao sat in a daze, holding her phone.

The murmurs of the patients filled her ears.

“Those soldiers were all injured by bomb explosions.

A few days ago, there were two explosions from the mountain in the north.

The explosions shook the houses at the foot of the mountain.

The shepherds did not even have time to collect their tents before they hid in the small town.

At first, they thought that it was a landslide.

Later, they found out that someone had planted many bombs there, killing many of those soldiers.”Support our Bonnovel.c0m

“A lot of people died,” the patient sighed as he said that.

“Some killed by the explosion were thrown into the ravine, and some were thrown into the barren mountains.

Two days ago, when my neighbor visited me at the hospital, he said that many people in the village went to pick up the bodies.

At least we can bury them.

Those soldiers protected us.”

“Is that so Have you heard about the human trafficking case Some years ago, two of my cousins three children were abducted.

They got the children back when the case was solved.

But the older child had gone through so much suffering.

The soldiers helped them escape, but many died doing that.”

Jiang Yao walked out of the hospital.

The only words that remained in her ears were those of the two people who lamented about their suffering.

Master Cheng held the results of her test and called out to Jiang Yao with joy.

“Thats great.

Youre fine.”

Jiang Yao said, “They might just be scaring me.”

No medicine could hurt her body.

The medical system would automatically eliminate it, so she did not have to worry about the medicine harming her baby.

“Master Cheng, give me a car.

Ill search nearby areas, “Jiang Yao said.

“Alone That wont do.

How can I let you go alone Even though we caught most of the culprits, there might still be some who escaped.

Its too eye-catching for you to drive the car.

Its too dangerous.

“Ill go with you and take two other people with us.

You can either stay at the command center and wait for news or follow my instructions.”

“Ill do as you say.” Jiang Yao was not in the mood to explain to Master Cheng, so she nodded and compromised.

Furthermore, Master Chengs arrangement was reasonable.

She was pregnant, so it was impossible for her to display her skills as casually as before.

It might be disadvantageous for her to be in combat since she was pregnant.

Master Cheng made a call, and someone drove the car to the hospital entrance.

Master Cheng arranged for Jiang Yao to sit in the middle of the backseat, which was the safest seat.

He sat to her right.

“Where do you want to go” Master Cheng asked.

“Leave the town center and drive on a remote road.

Liang Yueze and Master Chengs men had already searched the town center, so Lu Xingzhi was unlikely to be hiding there.”

“Follow her instructions,” Master Cheng said to the driver..

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