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Chapter 2188: He Is Still Alive

The driver nodded and started the car.

However, the person in the passenger seat turned around and looked at Jiang Yao.

Then, he said in a low voice, “Did they not say that some soldiers were killed in the explosion And some kind-hearted shepherds went to bury their bodies.”

That person asked if the people who were not rescued had already died.

Some bodies were still lying in the wilderness, while the compassionate shepherds had buried the others.

After all, the soldiers who had been rescued had already stated that the criminals had hidden their victims in only two locations.

Jiang Yao could decipher the hidden meaning behind the words of the person in front of her.

Her eyelids did not even flutter as she said, “He is still alive.”

It was unknown whether he had all his limbs, but he was definitely still alive.

Master Cheng said, “Lu Xingzhi is different.

He is only missing.

He was with the other soldiers, but those soldiers were injured.

Almost all of them were unconscious.

No one noticed when he disappeared.”

Master Cheng thought that the enemies had discovered their search and rescue teams.

They only had time to take Lu Xingzhi, the most important hostage.

They had to leave the other soldiers.

The car was not moving fast.

In the eyes of outsiders, Jiang Yao looked like she was staring at the car window in a daze.

However, in reality, Jiang Yao focused all her energy on her vision.

Her ability was limited to four kilometers, but the northern area was vast.

Even a small town was much larger than a typical southern small town.

Four kilometers might seem like a long distance, but she only saw mountains, tents, and rows of houses.

She saw no sign of the person she was looking for.

Master Cheng noticed Jiang Yao did not speak and was unusually quiet, which made him think her silence was abnormal.

He coughed softly.

In hushed tones, he asked, “Would you like to pull over somewhere so we can get out of the car and look around Ask the shepherds or something”

“No, I can feel it.

Hes not here.

‘[Jiang Yao shook her head and patted the back of the drivers seat.

“Speed up and try to drive on a remote road with no one there.”

The driver wondered why that young lady, whom he had never seen before, spoke so strangely.

Why did she rely on her senses to find people When he heard her request for him to increase the speed, the man was confused again.

No matter how fast the car was, she could not see the people on the side of the road clearly, right

The driver gave Master Cheng a look.

He did not say anything else after seeing Master Cheng nod at him.

Master Cheng believed that they would not be able to locate Jiang Yao.

He was there because he wanted to console Jiang Yao.

He was worried she would stay in the command center and let her imagination run wild.

He was a father.

He knew that pregnant women could get emotional.

Some pregnant women might even miscarry because of their fluctuating emotions.

Therefore, he felt that it was important to appease Jiang Yaos emotions at the moment.

Master Cheng did not care if they could find Lu Xingzhi or not.

It would be preferable if they could locate him.

However, it was also acceptable if they could not.

He knew many talented young men.

He could find Jiang Yao another husband who could give her a stable life.

At least she would not have to worry about her new husband.

Jiang Yao was his daughter.

A son-in-law could be exchanged at any time.

At least, that was what Master Cheng thought.

His son was also the same age as Jiang Yao.

Perhaps they could even get married.

Then, they would become a real family..

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