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Chapter 2190: Found It

The driver reversed the car and drove in the opposite direction.

The road was winding and rugged.

After more than half an hour, the car stopped in front of a small road.

There were many shepherds on the small road.

They held wild white chrysanthemums in their hands.

They held a vigil for the soldiers who had died on that mountain.

The path was lined with red flags for the soldiers who had sacrificed themselves.

The shepherds had put the wild chrysanthemums on the flags.

Two monks were there to recite the scriptures.

They looked solemn.

“Master Cheng,” a soldier in casual clothes walked toward their car and greeted him.

Master Cheng asked, “Those are the soldiers who died today”Support our Bonnovel.c0m

“Not all of them.” The soldiers eyes were red.

“Most were soldiers with the Lanning unit, and some were with Colonel Lu.”

Jiang Yao looked at the red flags.

Just as the soldier in the hospital said, the criminals had bombed everyone as if they did not care about anything.

Most of those soldiers were killed in the explosions.

Jiang Yao bowed to the sacrificed soldiers and then asked, “Where is the path leading to when you found the bloodied clothes”

“On the other side of the mountain, its deserted.

Even the shepherds dont go there.

I had asked them, but they said that they didnt see anyone there.

Maybe that person was there when they were away.”

“Did we check their tents We cant be sure just because they are shepherds,” Master Cheng said.

“Yes, we have.

There was nothing there.” The soldier shook his head.

“Ill go and take a look.

Is it possible that those people are holding Xingzhi hostage and hiding nearby”

“Theres a plain area after the mountain.

Theres no good hiding place.

Were worried that they have already left the town.”

The path was small, so the car could not drive through it.

Therefore, Jiang Yao walked past the soldier and entered the town.

Lu Xingzhi was still in the town.

His coordinates had not changed.

He must still be in town.

“Jiang Yao.” Master Cheng saw that Jiang Yao had already entered the town, so he chased after her with his men.

Jiang Yao was pregnant; he would rather her not walk that mountainous path.

If she wanted to go to the other side of the mountain, she would have to go around the foot of the mountain.

That road was not easy at all.

After Master Cheng chased after her, he followed closely by Jiang Yaos side.

He constantly paid attention to Jiang Yaos direction, reminding Jiang Yao to pay attention to her feet from time to time.

“Master Cheng, Im not as delicate as you think.

I grew up in the countryside.

This kind of road is not difficult for me.

When I was young, I went to a school in a village in the mountains.

I had to walk similar roads four times a day, “Jiang Yao replied, looking around.

The mountain did not look big, but walking from the base took a long time.

Liang Yueze and Old Master Liang saw Jiang Yao and Master Cheng as they descended the mountain.

Master Liang asked, “Why didnt you wait in the town Why are you here Are you okay Have you gone to the hospital for a check-up What kind of medicine did they give you”

“Shes fine, and the baby is fine too,” Master Cheng answered on behalf of Jiang Yao..

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