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Chapter 2191: Are You Awake

“Wheres Moe” Jiang Yao asked Liang Yueze because she did not see him.

“Moe is still in the mountains.

I think hes still searching the mountain.

Hes worried that hes missing something.” Liang Yueze wanted to praise Jiang Yaos terrifyingly high IQ.

However, she might not be in the mood to hear about that.

Jiang Yao grunted.

She guessed that Moe was worried that more places in the mountains could hide a grown man, so he did not descend the mountain with Liang Yueze.

She did not say anything else.

She pointed ahead and said, “Master Cheng and I will go that way.

You guys can bring some people to look over there.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jiang Yao took the lead and walked forward.

At that time of year, it was already a little chilly in the north.

Jiang Yao grabbed her coat.

The grass beneath her feet was already withered.

A large patch of grassland revealed the color of the soil.

There were also instances where the dung of cows, sheep, and horses could be seen.

The shepherds would most likely use the winter for grazing the cattle and horses.Support our Bonnovel.c0m

The grassland was vast.

There was almost no end to it as far as the eye could see.

If it were another time, Jiang Yao might be admiring the mountains and rivers.

Master Cheng led his men and followed closely behind Jiang Yao.

Master Cheng hurriedly passed the bottle to Jiang Yao after noticing her sweating as she walked.

“Slow your breathing by drinking a few mouthfuls of water.

Rest for two to three minutes before proceeding.”

Master Cheng finally witnessed Jiang Yaos strength.

Just as she said, she was not a delicate girl.

“Are we still going”

“Didnt they say theres a shepherd ahead of us Perhaps Mrs.

Lu can rest there,” Master Chengs subordinate said.

“Were also almost out of water.

We can replenish there.

“Okay,” Jiang Yao agreed.

She did need to rest.

She had been holding on for a long time.

Her body had not fully recovered, so she needed to go slowly.

However, she had walked for a long time that day; she could no longer bear it.

“I wonder how far it is.” Master Cheng looked ahead.

Coincidentally, after Master Cheng said that, a tractor appeared in Jiang Yaos line of sight.

The tractor was moving quickly on the grassland, and the driver was an old man.

The tractor was carrying a cart full of hay, presumably the winter food for his livestock.

Jiang Yao thought that the soldier had said there was only one shepherd there, so the old man must be from the same family.

What a coincidence.

She might be able to take a ride on that old mans tractor.

A kid was sitting on the haystack.

The kid was fair and neat, but he was a little different from any children there.

Jiang Yao looked at him curiously.

The child suddenly jumped into the tall pile of hay and disappeared.

JiangYao was stunned.

She thought the child had fallen into the pile of hay and was worried that the child would be buried in the hay and suffocate.

However, she never expected that there would be people lying in the pile of hay.

They were two men dressed in traditional clothing, and they were just lying there.

The middle pile was empty, so it did not affect their breathing.

Jiang Yao saw the child jump down and reach out to touch the man beside him.

She heard the child ask, “Uncle, are you still awake The man beside you seems to have stopped moving.”.

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