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Chapter 2192: Thats My Wife


Is the man in the traditional clothes a soldier

The way the child addressed the two men, who were lying so Jiang Yao could not see their faces, made her excited.

Then, she saw the child push the man near him and shouted, “Uncle, dont sleep.

Grandpa said that if you fall asleep, you wont be able to wake up.

Uncle, wake up.”

When the child realized he could not wake up the person, he exclaimed, “Grandpa, Uncle is sleeping!”

At that point, the person raised their hand to touch the crying childs face.

“Im awake, but I dont have much strength,” he said weakly.

“Help me wake up the man next to me.”

That voice.

That voice.

Jiang Yao would never forget that voice.

It was him!

It was Lu Xingzhi!

“I found him!” Jiang Yao lost control of her words and ran forward as if she had lost her mind.

Master Cheng was shocked.

“The baby! The baby! Dont run!”Come and read on our website Bonnovel.c0m.Thanks

Jiang Yao stopped and reached out to touch her stomach.

Tears immediately flowed down her face.

“Baby, Mommy found Daddy.”

She had had enough of worry.

“Be strong.

Mommy will bring you to Daddy.” Jiang Yao started to run forward again, but her movements were much slower.

On the other hand, when the shepherd heard the childs cries, he quickly sped the tractor as he said, “Dont let them sleep.

If they fall asleep, they wont be able to wake up.

They cant sleep.

Ill drive faster.

Lets find the others quickly.

She was close!

She was so close!

Finally, she did not need to work hard to see the figure in the tractor.

“Master Cheng, theres a tractor over there!” Someone behind Jiang Yao shouted, “Lets give that man some money and ask him to lend us the tractor.

Lets drive the tractor and bring Mrs.

Lu to the front, shall we”

Jiang Yao waved at the tractor.

She wanted to stop the old man, but Master Cheng and his men also waved at the old man.

When the old man saw that, he did not stop the tractor but instead turned it around and sped away!

Jiang Yao was stunned, then she quickly shouted in the tractors direction, “Stop! Stop! Stop the car!

Jiang Yao did not know if Lu Xingzhi could hear her, but she tried her best to chase and shout at the same time.

Lu Xingzhi was lying on the tractor.

His body trembled for a moment, then he asked the child beside him, “Did you hear a womans voice”

The child nodded.

“A woman is running chasing after us.

Shes holding her stomach awkwardly.

There are a few men behind her, and they dont look like good people.

“A strange woman with a hand on her stomach”

Lu Xingzhi gritted his teeth and used all his strength to sit up.

He parted the haystack and looked out.

He quickly said, “Stop! Stop the car! Thats my wife!”

The child was stunned for a few seconds before he dashed out like a monkey.

He said, “Grandpa,

Uncle wants you to stop the car.

He said that the woman chasing after us is his wife!”

The old man grunted and stopped the car immediately.

The child jumped out of the car and went to greet the woman who was still running toward them.

“Sister! Sister! Uncle said that youre his wife.

Is that right”

Jiang Yao did not even have time to catch her breath and nodded repeatedly.

Then, she walked around the child toward the tractor that had finally stopped.

She was so tired that she lay on the haystack mountain.

It was as if she could hug the person inside through the haystack.

“Xingzhi… Ive finally found you.” Her tears almost blurred her vision.

She had found him, and she felt as if her tears would flood her there and then..

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