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Even though she could not lie in his arms and act coquettishly while allowing him to hug and kiss her, she was content to see him that way.

“Have you been worried these past few days” Lu Xingzhi patted Jiang Yaos head.

“Im sorry.” He was the one who should have been apologizing, not her.

“Yes, I forgive you.” Jiang Yao rubbed Lu Xingzhis palm contentedly.

“So you have to listen to Doctor Jiangs words these few days.

You have to take your medicine and rest.

“Yes, I will listen to Doctor Jiangs words.” Lu Xingzhi smiled.

Her forgiveness was straightforward.

She did not hesitate and did not feel aggrieved at all.

However, it made his heart ache.

Jiang Yao said, “Im done sleeping.

Go wash up and eat something.

After I eat, Ill go to the ward to see if theres anything else I can do to help.

Those are your comrades.

Ill help them as much as I can.

When Liang Yueze and Old Master Liang come back, they can accompany you.”

“I dont need anyone to accompany me.

Ill wait for Doctor Jiang to come back.”

Jiang Yao thought that Lu Xingzhis obedience was too cute.

He kept calling her Doctor Jiang, so she laughed.

That guy probably felt guilty, so he tried his best to make her happy.

“Were you there when Qian Yunen called me that day He kicked you and hit you, but you did not make a sound.” Jiang Yao raised her hand, wanting to hit Lu Xingzhi to vent her anger.

However, she did not want to hit him again.

“Youre not allowed to do that next time.”

“Theres no next time,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“I can die, but you cant be in danger.”

A simple sentence expressed his emotions at that time.

Even though he was covered in bruises and was kicked and hit again and again, and the shrapnel on his face was embedded deep into his flesh, the pain almost made him faint.

However, he had to keep her safe, so he gritted his teeth and did not say anything.

Liang Yueze and Old Master Liang came earlier than Jiang Yao thought.

They also brought Jiang Yaos breakfast—soup and bread.

“Xingzhi is on a liquid diet.

Master Cheng will send some over later.

You still have work to do, so eat more.

The soup is nourishing.” The old man smiled.

“The taste is top-notch too.”

Jiang Yao smiled.

Some could say that men were not as intuitive as women.

She was still experiencing some morning sickness, so she did not have much appetite when she smelled the soups strong fragrance.

However, Jiang Yao did not refuse the food.

Old Master Liang had been too kind to her.

She thought she would only drink a few mouthfuls.

However, she did not expect to finish the whole thing.

Everyone, including Lu Xingzhi, was very happy to see that..

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