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Chapter 502: Impossible

For these people who lived at the lower levels of society, firearms were mythical objects that were only heard of, not seen, and something only law enforcement had possession of.

Seeing a gun brandished though, had them immediately on their knees begging for mercy, thinking they had brought the ire of the local mob boss.

“So, Du Rongzhen wants you to kidnap Zhou Weiqi as a lesson” Lu Xingzhi lightly pinched Jiang Yaos palm.

She looked calm, yet he was boiling in rage inside.

The head thug quickly nodded.

Lu Xingzhi remarked, “Remember this, Du Rongzhen came to you asking for a murder-for-hire.

She wants you to kill these two people!”

“Lets call the police.”

“No! No! Stop! Thats impossible! Even though we dont know the law, but we still know that attempted murder is a far more severe crime than kidnapping! If we say that, were done for!” Lin Fulian shook his head vigorously.

“This is not a discussion; you have no choice.

Either you die or you confess to being a murder-for-hire.

If things go well, its not too difficult for me to look for a good attorney for you, or even spend a little money for a shorter prison sentence,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“I want Du Rongzhen convicted of the conspiracy to commit murder.

Im going after Du Rongzhen, do you get it”

Looking at the violent head-shaking, Chen Xuyao was annoyed.

“Whats wrong with your brains, eh Do they work only when shot at We are going after that woman; your prison sentence duration depends on how co-operative you are.

Get it now”

“Yes, yes, yes! We do now!”

With the gun aimed at their heads, they had no choice but to agree.

“Dont think you can go back on your words at the police station.

Nobody in Jindo City can cross me and stay alive to tell the tale!” Seeing their nodding heads, Chen Xuyao finally stowed his gun away.

The police dispatch arrived five minutes after the call was made.

Lu Xingzhi planned to return home with Jiang Yao but thinking that she was also a target for the murder-for-hire plot, they would have to go to the police station to record their statements.

On their way to the police station, Lu Xingzhi gave Mr.

Liang a phone call and told him about what happened.

He also mentioned that Du Rongzhen wanted to kill through a murder-for-hire.

When they arrived at the police station, she was already arrested and brought there as well.

When they walked in, the captain responsible for the case was very polite and courteous.

Not expecting to be arrested, Du Rongzhen looked a little panicked.

The way she looked at Zhou Weiqi was as if she wanted to strangle him right then and there.

Yet, she kept her façade on and put on a face of indifference.

Her façade crumbled after the police officer started his interrogation, hearing that the thugs admitted to receiving her money for a murder-for-hire plot.

“Lies! Lies! Officer, these are lies! I dont know them at all!” Mrs.

Zhou was horrified.

“Its them! Theyre framing me!”

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