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Chapter 573: Site Selection

Perhaps realizing the difficult request he had just imposed on Jiang Yao, Chancellor Wen explained, “That lady used to be a police officer in our citys police force.

Apparently, she was injured in duty.”

Jiang Yao wanted nothing to do with it but changed her mind after hearing that the patient was a police officer and was injured in the line of duty.

Maybe it was Lu Xingzhis status as a soldier, but Jiang Yao had a lot of admiration for the military and law enforcement personnel.

“I know the Divine Doctor, but Ill have to see the patient herself to decide if its treatable.” If she wanted to save a person, Jiang Yao thought, shed at least need to find them tolerable.

For example, Du Chen.

She thought he was a cool guy and decided then and there to help him.

With burn injuries, however, Jiang Yao had no prior experience and needed the Medical Systems analysis before she could make a decision.

Chancellor Wen was thrilled to hear that Jiang Yao knew the Divine Doctor.

“Of course! Of course! I will ask my friend to schedule a time for you to meet him.” He thanked Jiang Yao profusely.

How lucky was he that Jiang Yao actually knew the Divine Doctor!

No matter how disinterested Chancellor Wen was with news of Jindo City, it was common knowledge in the medical field of the appearance of a mysterious character called the Divine Doctor.

Life-saver and miracle-maker, those were just some of the expressions used to describe the Divine Doctor.

After Jiang Yaos departure, Chancellor Wen immediately dialed up his good friend and told him of the wonderful news.

He also pondered having the Divine Doctor over to give a seminar at the university.

Just as quickly, he dismissed the idea.

Apparently, rumors had it that the Divine Doctor was not a well-tempered fellow.

He did not want to make it difficult for Jiang Yao.

It was an early Saturday morning, Jiang Yao picked up Manager Sun and Lu Yuqing and went to a few locations marked by Manager Sun to scout for potential sites.

Liang Yueze quickly returned to Jindo City after knowing that the money issue was solved.

Jiang Yao was in class then and did not send him off at the airport.

Manager Sun found two locations, one in the suburbs of Jindo City and the other in the countryside.

“This one here in the suburbs is not as huge as the one in the countryside, although it is way more convenient to get here,” said Manager Sun.

“If we choose the countryside, we would have to pave a road to our site.”

Thus, including the cost of paving a road, it was not any cheaper having the factory in the countryside.

“Who does this land belong to How much is it” If the prices were similar, Jiang Yao preferred the suburbs, at least it made for an easy commute.

Which was an important advantage for sure.

“This piece of land here in the suburbs belongs to the government.

It will be up for tender in half a month, although it is not known to the public yet,” Manager Sun replied.


Liang told me the other day that if you want this place, he has ways to get it for us.”

Jiang Yao nodded and strolled along the compound observing the surroundings before leaving for the countryside.

The journey to the countryside was extremely bumpy and Lu Yuqing was nauseous the entire time.

After stopping the car, they still had to walk three hundred meters to get to the location.

“We will have to widen the road from the junction in to accommodate the trucks.” Jiang Yao frowned.

She looked at Lu Yuqing and asked, “Sis, are you okay”

“Go for the suburbs, this place is too rural.” Lu Yuqing waved her hands.

“It will cost a sum of money to pave the roads here.

Plus, did you see a lot of newly planted trees and plants on the side of the road when we came in I think the villagers got wind of the news and planted it just recently so that they can ask for more compensation then.”

Lu Yuqing did not like it here at all.

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