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Chapter 776: Just to make things difficult for you

No one would believe that she was the medical god, and she had to find countless excuses to explain her medical skills.

Thus, if she directly said that the medical god was her teacher, then her medical skills could also be explained, and the matter of her taking a leave of absence could also be understood.

The old professor had yet to recover from the matter of Jiang Yao, a young student, being the new shareholder of the Sacred Banner Hospital.

In the next second, the bomb that Jiang Yao threw at him was even more invincible.

Who in the medical circle had not heard of the matter of the medical god

Especially in the capital.

It was simply explosive.

When it was spread to this side, it was even more so that it almost made peoples blood boil.

When the old professor heard of the Medical Gods deeds, he was so excited that he wanted to meet the medical god with outstanding medical skills.

However, there was no one who recommended him.

Later, he asked around in the circle, but not many people had seen him.

They all heard that the medical God had a strange personality and did not like to meet people, even when he was performing surgery, he only used his own assistant and did not need anyone else.

After the old professor heard it, he thought that such a capable person might have a strange and arrogant personality, so he gave up on this idea.

He did not expect that his student would suddenly tell him that the god of medicine was her teacher, she would be the god of Medicines assistant!

Why was the old professor not surprised He was so surprised that the reading glasses on the bridge of his nose almost fell off!

“The god of Medicine is your teacher You are learning medical skills from the god of Medicine”The old professor was very excited.

“Jiang Yao, can you help me introduce your teacher”

Once he heard that the god of medicine was so close to him, the old professor did not care whether Jiang Yao asked for leave or not.

With such an amazing teacher, giving her such a good opportunity to go on the operating table, no matter who it was, no one would ask for leave!

“Professor, this might be a little difficult.

To be honest, my teacher has a very strange temper.

Although Ive known her for many years, Im still afraid of her.

She doesnt like to interact with strangers.

She did take over a patient in Nanjiang city recently, but that patients condition is very serious.

She doesnt leave her post 24 hours a day, so she doesnt have time.”

Jiang Yao still treated him like a good kid who wouldnt even blink when he lied.

She realized that this teacher, the god of medicine, could bring her many, many benefits!

However, she had no choice but to mold the god of medicine into a person with a strange temper.

Jiang Yao wasnt surprised by the old professors mood at all.

She had long guessed that everyone in this circle would be like this when they heard about the god of medicine.

This was because.., the two surgeries she had performed on Lu Xingzhi and commander Lin in the capital were truly miracles in the entire medical world!

If it werent for Jiang Yao herself having that medical system, she would have gone crazy when she heard about such cases before she was reborn.

“Its fine, its fine.

My request is to make things difficult for you.

Ive also heard that your teachers temper is indeed a little strange.”The old professor returned to his senses and waved his hand in embarrassment, “However, you said that the god of medicine is in Nanjiang City Now Which Hospital is he in After the school class is over, I can go and try to see if I can meet him by chance.”

“Professor, you should rest.

My teacher will be staying in the treatment room of the patient in her hands for the next few days.

After that, she will probably leave Nanjiang city directly.”Jiang Yao facepalmed.

Therefore, the name of the god of medicine.., how many people went crazy over it

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