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Chapter 793: A Person Who Hides His Abilities

“Im not so incompetent that I have to trouble my elders for such a small matter.” Lu Xingzhi thought that the deal with Zhu Qianlan was only a trivial matter.

If he had to trouble the Gu family elders for such a minor issue, he was inept.

“If Director Ye calls again, you can tell him exactly that.

I want the Zhu family to disown Zhu Qianlan, and I want her to never set foot again in Z Country for the rest of her life.

I can wait for them to make a choice, but Im not sure if a certain member of their family can wait that long.

Ask Fifth Master Zhu—his son or his granddaughter Tell him to choose which one he would like to keep.”

After Lu Xingzhi said that, he noticed that Jiang Yao and Gu Haoyu were staring at him; they wanted to wait for his explanation.

So, Lu Xingzhi continued to say, “The mine on the YN side is managed by Zhu family heads second son and Fifth Master Zhus eldest son.

Both of them are in charge of different things.

Ra Has issue is not settled yet, and Ive asked Carl and Ruan Yongjun to investigate it.

Unexpectedly, I accidentally found out that Fifth Master Zhus eldest son was so bold that he took a batch of Emerald Kings raw stones for himself.

Even though it has been a year, and Emerald King is no longer looking for those stones, I am sure that he wont let the culprit go if he were to find him.”

Lu Xingzhi said, “Ra Ha has a lot of dirty and shameful secrets.

Ruan Yongjun and Carl are trying to find out everything about him.

Once Ra Ha goes in, they are prepared never to let him leave.”

“Your friends…” Gu Haoyu thought for a while until he found the right word to describe them.

“Not bad.”

Lu Xingzhis friends had found out something that not even Emerald King could.

It was apparent that his friends had hidden skills as well.

“Of course, my friends are naturally talented.” Ruan Yongjun was not only a landlord; he did not only make his money by letting out a few rooms.

Ruan Yongjun and Carl had more powerful connections in the local area that no one could have expected.

That was why YN went to Ruan Yongjun to find out more about Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yaos moving in together, they had found nothing.

Everyone insisted that Jiang Yao was alone and did not have a husband with her, and it was also why Lu Xingzhi dared to go out to look for Ruan Yongjun.

The incident with Ra Ha had happened so suddenly, so no one had enough time to prepare for any countermeasures.

YN did ask Jiang Yao once.

After that, Lu Xingzhi called Ruan Yongjun; he told Ruan Yongjun and Carl that he wanted Ra Has life.

“With this secret weapon, he could have shown it long ago, but he had kept it hidden until now.” The smile on Gu Haoyus lips deepened.

“Okay, we shall do as you wish.”

Since he had taken over the matter, Gu Haoyu would do everything perfectly.

Lu Xingzhi had to return to Jin City the next day, so he could only leave Nanjiang City after he had dealt with that issue.

“Its not that Im hiding anything.

I only found out about it on the way to the city from the airport today,” Lu Xingzhi explained.

Then, he looked down at the time on his watch and began to chase his guests away.

Lu Yuqing and Gu Haoyu—one was his biological sister, and the other was his brother.

They knew Lu Xingzhis personality all too well.

He had looked at the time, and the two of them had left tactfully; they did not even give him a chance to speak.

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