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Chapter 822: You Are Tempted

Jiang Yao only stopped hearing those voices when Lu Xingzhi drove away quickly and left those students behind.

One would feel as if the world was a warm place when their universitys campus environment shone bright like the sunshine.

Society had not tortured those young minds, so they still had unlimited fighting spirit and courage.

Their world was either black or white, and they had a clear distinction between love and hate.

They were also brave to fight against what they thought was unfair.

Jiang Yao hoped that they would still maintain that passionate fighting spirit when they became a member of the working society.

She also wished that reality would polish their personality positively until it became smooth.

“Are you very happy now” Lu Xingzhi parked the car at Jiang Yaos dormitory building, but he did not unlock the car door.

He turned his head and looked at Jiang Yao—he sounded displeased.

“You belong to me, and only me.

Even if you need protection, I would be the one to do that.

What do your seniors have anything to do with that You should stay away from them!”

It looked like the man was jealous.

Jiang Yao sighed.

She could not go against the jealous man at that moment.

“Yes, yes, yes.

I belong to you and you only.

If Im not yours, whose am I” Jiang Yao repeatedly nodded as she smiled at him.

“You were born to be my person.

Even if you were to die, you could only be my ghost!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Alive or dead, I am yours! Even when Im dead, I will still be yours!” The most important thing for Jiang Yao at that moment was to placate that jealous man, Lu Xingzhi.

She would respond positively to him until he was happy.

When he thought that Jiang Yao still had some sense in her, Lu Xingzhis unhappiness dissipated.

“Are you tempted by the professors offer for you to apply to his postgraduate program”

“To be honest, Im tempted.” Jiang Yao nodded honestly.

Then, she reached out to hold Lu Xingzhis palm.

“Listen to me, Im tempted, but thats because Professor Ouyang is my teacher.

He was the one who taught me my skills.”

Lu Xingzhi knew that she meant her rebirth.

Her experience was so unbelievable that even he could not get used to it sometimes.

“Ill tell you about the first time I stepped into this school.” Jiang Yao leaned on Lu Xingzhis shoulder.

“You werent the one who sent me; I came alone.

I wanted to be strong, so I bought a train ticket and came to the school with my admission notice.

I didnt even ask anyone to see me off.

At that time, I was very different from how I am now—two completely different people.

I am happy now, but I was depressed back then.

I was alone in this school, and I had no friends because I rejected everyone to enter my life.

I shut myself in my own world and tortured myself.

Do you know what its like to live alone on such a big campus”

She would go to her classes, to meals, to the library—all by herself.

She did join any clubs.

Even after she graduated, she could count the number of people in school who had spoken to her in one hand.

If Wen Xuehui had not barged into her world forcefully and refused to leave, Jiang Yao did not dare imagine how the loneliness would eat her alive.

During those years, other than Wen Xuehui, only Professor Ouyang had requested her presence in his office so that he could speak to her.

It became one of the few traces of warmth during her university days.

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