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Chapter 862: Who Didnt Want to Get Married Back Then

Lu Xingzhi had called his parents and told them to attend Jiang Jies wedding banquet on his behalf as he could not accompany his wife on that occasion.

He also knew that Jiang Yao would miss her family, so he told his mother to let her go back to her family to stay for a few days.

When Mrs Lu received that call, she was furious.

It seemed like her son was worried that they might bully his wife.

Fortunately, she was not a narrow-minded mother-in-law; she was kind and generous.

She would agree to anything as long as her son and his wife maintained a good relationship.

That night, Lu Xiaoxiao and Lu Haixing stayed in town.

Lu Xiaoxiao hugged the gift that Jiang Yao had bought for her.

She was so excited that she did not sleep the whole night.

Jiang Yaos gifts for Lu Xiaoxiao include cosmetics, perfumes, clothes, and accessories that young girls would like.

She had also prepared winter clothing and some practical things for the elders in the family.

The next day, before Lu Haixing left, he sent Jiang Yao and her two suitcases to her home.

He stayed at Jiang Yaos home for tea before he continued with his journey.

Jiang Yao called her family the day before that, so Jiang Jie and Jiang Lei waited for her arrival.

Wang Xian was also there.

After Lu Haixing left, Jiang Yaos mother took her aside to lecture her.

She thought that it was outrageous that her daughter had come home with two suitcases.

Jiang Yao was almost deaf from the lecture.

She covered her ears with both hands as she stared at her mother.

“This is what your son-in-law ordered me to do! If you think its inappropriate, you should lecture him instead.

Dont lecture me!”

Mrs Jian might seem angry by Jiang Yaos rebuke, but she was delighted.

She reached out and poked her daughters head gently.

“Only Lu Xingzhi would pamper you this much!”

“Im his wife.

If he doesnt pamper me, who will” Jiang Yao agreed with her mother rather shamelessly.

“Who was the one who refused to get married back then” Jiang Lei sat on a chair to watch the show.

“I still remember the look on someones face on the day of their wedding.

I almost stopped her from going out when I saw that.”

Jiang Lei almost did it that day, but he did not go through with it.

It was their wedding day, so it would be inappropriate to do that.

“Now you know what to do, right” Mrs Jiang nodded.

“You always make people worry about you.”

“Just let Brother-in-law worry about her in the future.” Jiang Jie smiled gently and reached out to pat Jiang Yaos head.

“Did you grow taller”

“Did she” Jiang Lei stood up and went to Jiang Yao to compare their height.

“She seems to be a little taller.

She didnt even reach my chin when school started.

Now, she seems to have reached my chin.”

“Go away! So annoying!” Jiang Yao pushed Jiang Lei from her.

He had always called her a short ghost since she was the shortest of three children.

Jiang Lei looked hurt.

“Well, it seems like Eldest Brother is her only biological brother; I might be adopted.

Shes happy when Eldest Brother praised her for growing taller.

But when I did it, shes unhappy with me.”

The two siblings words made everyone laugh.

Even though Jiang Lei said that he was hurt, it did not affect his mood when he received Jiang Yaos gift.

Jiang Yao might have always said that Jiang Lei was only her second brother, but she did not hold back with the gifts she had prepared for him.

When she saw something suitable for him, she would purchase it immediately.

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