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Chapter 913: Jiang Yaos Threat

Jiang Yao was furious.

Yang Gaoshu still dared to ask Jiang Lei for forgiveness

Was it because the other man did not want her anymore, so she wanted Jiang Lei to forgive her

However, why did her brother have to be the second choice

Jiang Yao did not care whether Yang Gaoshu had slept with that man or if they had only kissed and held hands.

She had betrayed her brother, and that was all she needed to know.

Just because she had not slept with the other man did not mean that he should forgive her.

Jiang Yaos threat was enough to intimidate Yang Gaoshu.

After Jiang Yao and Jiang Lei left, Yang Gaoshu stood there for a long time; she did not dare to move.

She hesitated for a long time.

When she thought about Jiang Yaos temper, she could not figure it out, and she did not dare to step into the house again.

However, she was already there, and she was not willing to leave just like that.

So, she continued to stand at the door and in the cold wind.

She hoped that Jiang Lei would come out and talk to her properly.

However, Jiang Lei did not show up again even when she stood there.

The banquet had already started.

It was awkward and embarrassing for her to continue to stand there, so Yang Gaoshu chose to be tactful and left.

Jiang Jie was the Jiang familys eldest son, and his parents loved his wife.

Therefore, the banquet had so many delicious dishes.

His parents were so happy that they smiled the entire day.

They toasted table after table with only praises for their daughter-in-law, Wang Xian, in front of everyone.

The elders who sent the bride and groom sat at the main table with the grooms elders.

Jiang Yao sat with the Lu family, Jiang Lei, and two other relatives.

There were eight people at that table, and it was packed.

Jiang Lei was in a bad mood, so he continued to drink.

He drank with Mr Lu, and his glib tongue made Mr Lu very happy.

When he realized that Mr Lu had enough, he turned and drank with other people instead.

Eventually, he sought Jiang Yao, his younger sister.

“Yaoyao, come.

You are an adult now.

Come and have a drink with your second brother!” Jiang Lei poured a glass of beer for Jiang Yao.

His face was so red from the alcohol that it looked like it had been dyed red.

“If you want to drink, take the bottle to the corner.

My sister-in-law cant hold her liquor, so she cant drink with you.” Lu Xiaoxiao put her palm on Jiang Yaos glass to prevent Jiang Lei from pouring into it.

She had not woken up early that morning when she received a call from her brother.

He told her to keep an eye on her sister-in-law and not allow her to drink.

Since she had agreed to his request, she had to do it.

Jiang Lei started to pick a fight with Lu Xiaoxiao when she stopped him.

He deliberately made things difficult for her.

Lu Xiaoxiao thought of Jiang Leis breakup and felt sorry for him, so she could not be bothered to argue with him.

She lowered her head quietly and ate the dishes.

Jiang Lei felt bored when she did not argue with him, so he took the bottle to another table and went to find someone else to drink with him.

“Is your second brother in a bad mood” Mrs Lu asked worriedly as she looked at him.

“Will he cause trouble if we let him continue drinking”

There had been instances where someone had drunk too much and ruined the hosts banquet.

Furthermore, that was Jiang Leis eldest brother and sister-in-laws wedding banquet.

“Its fine.

My second brother can hold his liquor very well.

If he were to have too much, he would return to his room to sleep.

He has been in a bad mood because of his partners matter for the past few days.

I cant stop him even if I wanted to do that.

Its better to let him drink and sleep.”

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