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Chapter 933: I Want to Marry Her

“You guys can go if you have something to do.

Ill still be here.” Chen Xuyao did not know why Jiang Yao was there, but he noticed that she lacked manpower.

So he said, “I can get a few of our companys best security guards to help you.”

“Thats great!” Ah Lu immediately interrupted him.

“Mr Jiang needs someone to protect him, but Big Ke and I cant spare the time.

If we have more people, that would be the best.”

Jiang Yao did not have any objections.

She thought of asking Chen Zhibin to help her for a few days, but the mans old mother needed him at home.

It was almost the New Year, and they were quite far from Nanjiang City.

That was why she hesitated to call him about that.

Chen Xuyao immediately took out his phone and called his assistant to give them instructions and informed them of his location.

After breakfast, Jiang Yao brought Big Ke and Chen Xuyao back to her room.

Chu Sheng went to the Zhou familys house, and Ah Lu went to handle other matters.

As they went through the door, Chen Xuyao sat down with his legs crossed.

He wanted to smoke.

However, when he saw Jiang Yao was drinking water with a cup in her hand, he put his cigarette away.

His third brother had warned him that he was not allowed to smoke in front of his wife; he did not want his wife to become a second-hand smoker.

“How long will Chu Sheng stay in Yuan City How did she become involved in this matter” Chen Xuyao knocked on the table with the cigarette box in his hand; he looked a little annoyed.

“Xiaocheng has a neighbor who is a police officer, and he has a captain.

Chu Sheng is this captains brothers senior sister.” Jiang Yao knew that Chen Xuyao was jealous.

He had been looking for her for two months, but he could not find her.

However, someone else had found her instead.

“Tsk.” Chen Xuyao gritted his teeth.

Even someone with such a distant relationship could find her.

It meant that Chu Sheng had avoided him.

“Chu Sheng majored in criminal psychology.

She cant speak because of psychological reasons, so I cant treat her.

Shes also a psychology major.

Shell likely be like this for the rest of her life.” Jiang Yao glanced at Chen Xuyao as she asked, “Whats your attitude toward Chu Sheng”

“I know what you wanted to ask.

Theres no need for you to ask me so tactfully; its okay for me to tell you.

I want to marry her, but shes not willing to talk to me.

Shes even avoiding me.” Chen Xuyao smiled self-deprecatingly.

“Ive been thinking about her for almost ten years, and Ive looked for her for that duration.

Even if we havent met for so many years, I still want to marry her.”

“Your family has a very high standard.

She cant speak, and she doesnt have a job.

Even if she is willing to marry you, can you marry her” Jiang Yao felt that it was very unlikely.

“Do you think my parents are like Old Master Chen” Chen Xuyao snorted unhappily.

“After I graduated from the military academy, I could do whatever I wanted to do.

I can find anyone I like to marry.

As long as she doesnt have a criminal background, my parents wont object to our union.”

Chen Xuyao laughed.

He straightened his posture and moved closer to Jiang Yao.

He smiled.

“There are two significant matters in the Chen family recently.

Do you want to know what they are”

“Is it about Chen Feibai or Chen Feitang” Jiang Yao raised her eyebrows.

“If its about Chen Feibai, do tell me.

If its about Chen Feitang, then save your breath; I dont want to hear it.”

“One for each of them.

The two siblings are in the same boat now.” Chen Xuyao smiled wickedly.

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