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Chapter 942: Evil Intentions

Madam Chai had thought of several ways to persuade that woman, but since she could not figure out her relationship with Chen Xuyao, none of those methods would work.

Madam Chai looked at the three Zhou family members who were already in the car and said, “The two of you can go home and think about the best way to comfort and help your daughter.

Since things have reached this point, it is better to think about a solution than make more problems for everyone.

I believe you can see our sincerity in our offer.

Our door will remain open for you at any time.

You are welcome to our home when you have made your choice.”

Since she did not know what had happened when Madam Chai took those three Zhou family members, Jiang Yao did not know what she had meant.

However, she saw the expressions on Mr and Mrs Zhous face, so she knew it was nothing good.

Jiang Yao told Big Ke to drive the Zhou family home while the three of them took a taxi.

When they reached the Zhou family residence, they saw Zhou Xiaoxia, and the others waited for them anxiously.

Zhou Xiaoxia could finally sigh in relief when she realized that everyone was safe.

“Mom, whats wrong with Xiaocheng” Zhou Xiaoxia asked worriedly when she saw her sister on her fathers back.

“Xiaocheng went crazy when she saw Chai Xianglong.

She kept screaming and hitting her head against the wall.

Later, their family doctor gave her a sedative,” Mrs Zhou said in a hoarse voice.

It was as if she had been speaking for a long time with the Chai family.

“Xiaocheng looked at Chai Xianglong as if she had seen a scary ghost.

My daughter used to be so brave; she even dared to catch a mouse.

But now, she doesnt even dare to see new people.

Why would the gods treat her that way She has always been an obedient girl.

Why did they have to torture her like that”

“Auntie, did the Chai family say anything to you when they took you” Even though she was a top student, Jiang Yao could not find the words to comfort a desperate mother.

“They are a bunch of animals!” When Mr Zhou heard Jiang Yaos question, his mood suddenly changed; he was so angry when he scolded the Chai family.

“They want Chai Xianglong to marry Xiaocheng.

They want us to stop pursuing this matter with Chai Xianglong.

They said that they would give us a large sum of dowry money, and they will be kind to Xiaocheng when she becomes their daughter-in-law.

As long as we agree, they will change Xiaochengs age in her registration book.

They want them to get married immediately!”

“Xiaocheng is so afraid of Chai Xianglong.

How could she marry the animal who raped her He would torture my daughter for the rest of her life!” Mrs Zhou shook her head in desperation.

“I will never let my daughter marry into that family!”

“The Chai family have such evil intentions!” Zhou Xiaoxia growled.

“They had driven her into this state; they would bully her if she were to marry into their family! They must have thought they could kick my sister out when the rumors died so that they could preserve their familys and Chai Xianglongs reputation! They would save themselves a lot of trouble!”

“The Chai family have evil intentions, indeed.” Jiang Yao agreed with a serious expression.

It seemed like the Zhou family did not know the actual situation.

They thought that Chai Xianglong was the only person who had raped their daughter.

However, he had not been the only man to do that.

Therefore, how could they be sincere with their marriage proposal for Zhou Xiaocheng

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