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I didn’t have time to write, so today’s chapter is a little short.











In the midst of the tea match, the final match of the Maid Olympia, I could tell from the atmosphere in the venue and the expression on the face of her opponent, Alexandra-san, that Beatrice-san had done something amazing, although I couldn’t see whatever that tea angel was.

In that case, in a sense, it might be a natural conclusion but……



“The match has been decided.

With a unanimous decision…… The 5 judges decided that the Champion of the 231st Maid Olympia is Competitor Beatrice!”



Yes, Beatrice-san won and became the Champion of this year’s Maid Olympia.



“Looking back on the finals match, what do you think, President Ein”

“Let’s see.

As expected, I’m greatly impressed by the potential that Beatrice has exhibited.

With this step forward, the other maids present here must have understood it again.

The Super Maids aren’t the goal, they’re just one point along your path…… The endless path of maids is never-ending, and we must always be making great strides.

However, the more completely a maid is, the more difficult it becomes to take a big step forward to change her current self.

The step that Beatrice took this time will be a big step not only for her, but also for the Maid World.”



W- Well, to summarize things, because the Super Maids had reached a top-class position in the Maid World, the Super Maids were also feeling stagnant in their growth.

As she had asked for from Illness-san before, Ein-san wanted a new wind in the stagnant Maid World…… and Beatrice-san’s movements this time could be that new wind.

It’s just, having gained a deeper understanding of maids in just this one day is something I really dislike.



While I was feeling a whirlwind of inexplicable emotions in my heart, back on the stage, Alexandra-san approached Beatrice-san and held out her hand, asking for a handshake.



[……Beatrice-san, that was splendid.

Looking at your performance, I was reminded of the passion I had when I was young, to go higher and higher, which I had forgotten before I knew it.

I will admit defeat this time, but please know that the result will be different next time.]

[Fuuu, yes, it’s a blessing to have a good rival with whom you can engage in friendly competition.

Of course, I have no intention of losing either, as I will show you how I grew even further after the next 4 years.]



It was a scene that could be described as a conversation between rivals who had fought in a heated battle, and I think the atmosphere around them was very moving.

In fact, it looked as if Frau-san and Luna-san’s eyes were getting moist…… Well, at any rate, the enthusiasm they have was extremely different from what me, Lilia-san and Akane-san have……

Well, in any case, as I was thinking that this ends the Maid Olympia, Alexandra-san continued talking to Beatrice-san.



[……Are you sure you’d be alright with your Maidric Aura reserves The battle that awaits you after this will be tough, even if you’re in perfect shape.]

[There’s no problem.

I’m sure I’ll feel a little better after a little rest.

Since I have earned the right to challenge, I will make sure my performance won’t be unsightly.]

[Fufu, I’m looking forward to it then.

Good luck……]



Leaving these words, Alexandra-san left Beatrice-san, and right after she left, the Live Commentator announced loudly.



“Well then, we will be having a 30-minute break.

And in 30 minutes, we will have our annual exhibition match…… The Champion’s challenge to the Pinnacle of the Maid World…… President Ein!!!”




It seems like the finals aren’t the end of the Maid Olympia, as the Champion, Beatrice-san, has earned the right to challenge Ein-san.

Ein-san, who can be said to be the absolute monarch of the Maid World, is challenged by the Champion who has grown greatly this time…… I see, this certainly is an exciting development.



……Well, even so…… I honestly can’t imagine a future in which Ein-san is beaten in maid-related matters though……




















Maid Power: 120000 ⇒ 135000


Through an encounter with Nebula and reaching the finals, she has made a breakthrough and her Maid Power has risen.

These numbers are only the result of the increase in the finals, and since she had already broken through a bottleneck at that time, she is expected to grow significantly in the future. 




Maid Power: 530000 (Normal State)


The Absolute Pinnacle of the Maid World.

It’s said that she has 530,000 Maid Power, but that is only for normal times when she isn’t even ready for battle, not at her full strength.

As a maid, she’s always serious, but due to her excessive power, the only time she gave it her all was when fighting against Alice.

An absolutely strong person who is rumored to have over 100 million Maid Power when she’s at her full power.

(T/N: Not sure if the 100 million is referring to Ein or Alice.)


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