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The Incubus System Chapter 129. Are You Waiting For Your Romeo, My Lady

I turned to the balcony and saw Emma come out of her room and walk to the side of the balcony. Her eyes swept across the yard below her, looking for me.

'Looks like she's been waiting for me.'

I stepped out of the trees and faced her.

Upon seeing me, a cute smile appeared on her lips.

Without wasting time, I flicked my wings, flying towards the balcony and squatted down as my feet landed on the stone railing in front of her, my wings spread wide.

"Are you waiting for your Romeo, my lady" I teased with a smirk. Well, I knew I didn't look like Romeo, but more like a devil who seduced his victim. Besides, Romeo didn't have so many partners like me.

"Don't tease me." She blushed.

"Let's talk inside," she said as she turned and walked into her room.

Seeing her blushing face, made me want to tease her even more. I jumped down and chased her as I folded my wings.

"Ah!" she yelped in surprise as I grabbed her waist and pulled her body to me. Her hand tried to push me away, but I caught her wrist, stopping her movement.

She pouted.

"Eth - Mphhh" But I overlapped her lips with mine, making her swallow her words. Even though she looked like she was rejecting me, her lips and tongue moved in sync with mine.

Both of my hands shifted to her butt. In one swoop, I lifted her body as I tilted my head upwards without releasing our kiss. While she hugged my neck.

My feet stepped into her room. And as we got to the side of her bed, I threw ourselves onto it.

"Mphh ...." Our kisses were getting wilder every second, her tongue twisting with mine. My hand crept down, slipped into her dress and bra, feeling her soft breast in my hands, my fingers quickly recognized something hard there. My tail also slipped and tickled her entrance which was still covered in her underwear.

"Mph!" She gasped and pushed me, releasing our kiss.

"Why You don't like it" My eyes locked at her face, which was even redder than before.

"It-It's not that I don't like it ..." she said shyly.

"But didn't you say you wanted to talk about Myra"

"I do." I brought my face to her neck and inhaled her scent deeply as I moved my head upwards, tickling the side of her neck with my breath. Her sweet scent tickled my nose, triggered my mating urge.

"But after those troubles, don't you want to give me a reward" I whispered in a sweet voice.

I could feel her heart beating faster.

"But ..."

"Hm" I hummed and licked her ear.

"Ah!" she gasped. This time her hand grabbed my shirt tightly.

"Please don't kill the mood. I promise it won't be long," I seduced her with a smirk. I could feel her heart pounding harder as my hand pulled her underwear, letting my tail continue my play freely.

"Bu- But, we can do it later after we're done talking," she reasoned.

"Are you sure" I asked.

"Yes," she answered in a panting breath. I could tell she held back a tingling sensation at her lower part.

I pulled my head and looked at her.

"But it looks like your body is telling me differently," I said as I pulled my tail away from her entrance and showed her liquid that had soaked the tip of my tail in front of her.

"Th-That's not true ..." she said in a stammering voice. Her face grew red in embarrassment. She just reached out to catch my tail, but I caught her hand with a smirk and brought my tail closer to my lips.

I stuck out my tongue to lick the liquid, tasting her nectar fill my mouth. My eyes stared at her in an alluring gaze. A tickling sensation spread from the tip of my tail to my spine, spurring my mating urge higher.

"Ethan ..." she whispered my name and tried to release her hand from my grip. But instead, I pinned her hand onto the bed. She moved her other hand to push me away, but I caught it and pinned it.

I moved my tail so I could see her face clearly and moved it to touch her thigh up to her entrance, feeling her smooth skin with the tip of my sensitive tail. I licked my lips as if she was my food, my eyes filled with extraordinary thirst.

"Et-Ethan ... Stop it ... Or-or I'll tie you up with my Holy Chain," she threatened me in a stammering voice, making it sound more like a plea than a threat.

I chuckled.

"Then tie me," I challenged her. I knew she wouldn't do it.

"Yo - You ..." she said in a stammering voice. Her body trembled withstood the tickling feeling from my tail's movements. Occasionally, she jolted. I knew, despite her words her body wanted me.

"Just give up and feed me ..." I said in a sweet voice.

"Fe-Feed you"

"Um-hm, just like yesterday." I brought my face closer to her ear slowly.

"You know, you taste so delicious ..."

"A-Are you that hungry" she said again.

"Yes ... I'm so hungry. I think I can swallow you whole now." After those words left my mouth, I licked the side of her neck.

"Ah!" she yelped. I could feel her entrance getting wet with her liquid.

"Bu- But I'm not ready ..." she reasoned.

"It's okay, I will prepare you." I released my grips and crept down. My hands spread her legs, showing me her wet pink petal but she held my movement in reflex.

"Wh-What are you doing" She tried to get up, but I spread my wings and held her with its tip.

"I want to see it," I said with a smirk.

"No ... I'm embarrassed ..." she said with a flushed face.

"Why It's beautiful."

"Bu-But it's weird ... I mean-- Why do you need to see it"

"If you don't let me see it, let me taste it." Without further ado, I brought my lips closer to her entrance and licked her right in the middle of the slit.

"Ah!" she jolted, her hand crumpled the bedsheet on her head's side and the other covered her mouth, keeping her voice down.

I kissed it and buried my tongue in her warm petal, wetting it with my saliva, exploring her warm inner wall with my tongue.

"Mphh ... Ah ... Ah ..." Emma held back her moans as she could feel the pleasure creeping up from her lower part and spreading over her body. Her mind began to go blank.

I ignored her muffled moans and continued to lick it until I was satisfied, letting the sweet taste of nectar from her liquid fill my mouth. I could feel her inner wall twitching and loosened, ready to accept my cock.

As I pulled my body, I could see the disappointment on her face. Unlike before, she was lying weak in resignation, like weak prey waiting to be eaten. Her underwear on her thighs, her messy dress was half open. I knew she wouldn't reject whatever I would do to her. A chuckle came out of my mouth.

"Do you want more" I asked.

She just replied to me with a pleading look.

I chuckled again and pulled her body to me, making her sit. I took off her dress, her bra and her underwear, without any resistance from her.

Her hand covered her breast while her other hand covered her pink petal as she lowered her face in embarrassment. Her shyness turned me on.

I grabbed her hands and pulled it away from her beautiful body, let the moonlight that penetrated that dark room illuminated her body and her fairy skin.

While she was waiting for me in anticipation.

My tail moved to her, touching the side of her face down to her neck and breast, circling between it. Then I raised her ripe breast alternately with it, making it jiggling in front of me before swiping it into the middle slowly and played with her hardened tip. My eyes stared at her face with a seductive smirk, enjoying every change of her face.

"Ahh ... Ah ..." She closed her eyes and looked away since she couldn't stand my gaze and all those stimulations.

"Look at me ..." I demanded.

She replied to me by biting her lower lip, without being able to look at me. I could see her ears started turning red in embarrassment.

I moved my tail to the side of her face and turned it to me.

"Emma, open your eyes and look at me," I repeated.

She opened her eyes slowly, looking at me.

"Can you undress me" I asked with a smirk.

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