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The Incubus System 13 Chapter 13. More

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The Incubus System chapter 13. More...

I've heard about Lamia's mating period but I don't know the consequences would be this bad. "Okay," I replied.

But even though I agreed I didn't know how to start. All this time, I see Ms Mia as an independent woman. She is a passionate person and often gave me some help, especially after my father died. Seeing her like this it feels like I'm seeing Ms Mia's other side, her weak side.

'At least I have to make her comfortable. '

I carried her, while she wrapped her arms around my neck in submission, then I laid her on the bed slowly. She was breathing hard, her face looked pale, from her expression I knew she was in pain.

I closed my eyes. I know to ease her pain I have to make love with her but I won't be able to do this as Ethan, so I leave everything to my incubus side ... Damian Lucio.

I let my demonic instinct take over my body, letting my wild side dominate me, embracing my dark side. As soon as I opened my eyes, just like when I fought with the demons, my confidence boosted up, my desire to dominate her was getting stronger. I want to make her mine.

A seductive smirk developed on my face. Unconsciously, my hands moved to caress her face while my eyes locked on her.

"Ms Mia ..."

She put her index finger on my lips.

"Just call my name. What's your name"

I grabbed her hand and licked her finger slowly before putting her index finger into my mouth, then I slowly went down, tickling her other fingers with my tongue, moistened her hand with my saliva. My eyes staring at her with an alluring gaze. I released her hand from my mouth. "Damian ... Damian Lucio," I answered in a sweet voice. I leaned my face into her ear. "You have to remember it carefully. Because I will make you keep calling my name ..."

I distanced my face away and gave her a teasing smile. She froze when she locked her gaze at me, confusion was clearly visible on her face. Of course, even though my face hasn't changed but only from my gaze, she realized that I was a different man from earlier.

Seeing her just silently staring at me, I took her hand and slipped it into my t-shirt, making her touch my body.

"Do you want this" I tempted her.

She tried to pull her hand but I held it tightly. "Why are you afraid Didn't you just touch me like this before" I said while moving her hand exploring my chest and abs slowly.

"I-It's not like that ..." she answered timidly.

"Or do you prefer this one" Without hesitation, I lowered her hand and slipped it into my jeans and my underwear. A slight hissing sound out of my mouth when she touched my hot flesh directly. I was not ashamed to show my enjoyment to her.

"Ah ..." She gasped and tried to pull her hand once more, but I held her back, instead, I made her grab it.

"You just played with it earlier." I brought my face back to her ear. "And I really like it ..." I whispered.

She stopped pulling her hand away. When she didn't resist anymore, I released her hand and let it free to touch me. "Yes ... Touch me more ..." I whispered again in a sweet voice. While my hand gently stroked the side of her neck down to her breast, then I unbuttoned her shirt one by one.

My hand slipped into her bra and squeezed it slowly.

"Ngnnhh ..." a slight moan came out of her mouth.

I licked her earlobe and whispered.

"Mia, do you have a boyfriend"

Mia's hand stopped moving after hearing my question. She pulled out her hand and looked away to hide her sad expression.

"Not anymore... We just broke up."

I grabbed her chin and turned her face to me. "Then I will make you forget him ... And only remember me," I said, giving her a teasing smile.

I climbed into the bed while removing my t-shirt and placed her waist between my tights. My eyes looked at her with extraordinary thirst, as if I could swallow her whole.

I placed my hand on the side of her head while my lips fell over hers, my tongue entered her mouth. But only briefly, I took it off and went down exploring the neck to her breast.

I bit her bra and pulled it down. In one pull, one of her breasts released from her bra. Without hesitation, I swallowed it, playing her tip with my tongue while my hand pulled the other bra and squeezed her breast.

"Nnghhhh ..." She crumpled the bedsheet on her head's side.

Hearing her moans, my thirst increased my urge for mating even higher. I can feel my jeans getting narrow, especially in my crotch. Both of my hands moved to unzip my zipper. Then took one of her hands and slipped it into my underwear.

"It's - hah- getting bigger ..." she said in a ragged breath.

I sucked her breast harder and released it until it let out a 'plop' sound. "Do you want to see it" I tempted her once again.

"Yes ..." she answered shyly.

Without any shame, I stood up. Then took off my jeans and underwear. Showing my cock was fully awake at her. Her eyes enlarged in surprise. "Aahhh ... Ahhh ... It's ... it's so big ... I don't know if it will fit ..."

"It will fit ..." I said, lowering my body and giving her a teasing smile.

I crept down to the front of her petal.

"I will make it fit ..." I lowered my tongue and licked her entrance. She startled upon my licking. "Aahhhnnnn ..."

I buried my tongue in her warm petal, wet it with my saliva, exploring her warm inner wall with my tongue.

"Damian ... Ahhh --- ahhh noo ... it's weird --- Ahhh .... Nooo ... Ahhh ... I feel weird ..." her tail slithered from side to side, both of her hands covering her blushing face.

I ignored her and continued to lick it until I was satisfied, letting the sweet taste of nectar from her liquid fill my mouth. I could feel her inner walls twitching and loosened, ready to accept my cock.

I released my mouth and crawled up as I rubbed my cock in front of her entrance, warning her what would happen next. Both of my hands grabbed her hand and pinned it to the side of her head, showing her blushing clearly to me.

"Ahh --- hahh .... No ..."

"I want to see your expression when you accept all of me."

Without further ado, I thrust my cock into her slowly.

"Ahhhh... Ahhh ... Damian --- Damian ..." She called out my name breathlessly, her body jerked in excitement, her eyes closed tightly holding back the pleasure mixed with pain from her lower area. Her hands gripped my hand tightly as my cock kept sliding in.

I could feel her heat filled with mine, her warm inner walls kept throbbing.

"Ahhh - Haha ... it's in ... Does mine taste good" I said.

"It's - hah ... Hah - feels good ..."

"That's not all." I gave her an evil smirk.

She looked surprised after hearing my words. "Ahh - hahh ... Dami-"

'Demonic Erection.'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

My cock is enlarged and extends inside her. "Aagghhhh ...!" A scandalous erotic voice came out of her mouth as her body jerked in surprise.

My lips immediately fell over her lips, giving her a gentle kiss to soothe her while my waist began to move back and forth. I lost my mind, I lost my human side, my wild side took over me. What I want is pursuing pleasure. I want to give her unforgettable pleasure, I want to satisfy her until she loses herself, forget her ex-boyfriend, make her only remember me. Only me...

[!!! Warning !!! ]

[Your Demonic Power is under 10%.]

[Incubus Rage will trigger in 60 seconds.]

I ignored the announcement in front of me and concentrated on my waist's movement which was getting rough and my kisses that were getting dirty.

"Mhhhppphhhh ..."

She wrapped her tail around my leg up to under my rib cage, and only gave me a gap at my waist to move.

I broke my kiss.

"Harder! Wrap me harder!"

She shook her head as she wrapped my body tighter with her tail.

"Aagghhhh --- Damian ... ahhh - haahhh ... Damian ... Ohhh --- Damian ..." she constantly called my name.

"Yes! That's my woman!" I continued to grind her, making her petal burning hot, making us forget everything. All what we heard was the sound of clashing flesh and the sound of our moans.

[!!! Warning !!! ]

[Incubus Rage activated.]

A wave of desire instantly swept through my mind, making my movements even more violent and wilder. I could hear the crashing sound of our bed with the floor while Mia could only submit to accept everything. But one for sure, I know she really enjoyed it.

"Cumming --- ahhh ... I want to - Anggghh ..."

"Cum... Cum with me!" I said while speeding up my pace.

"Anghhh! Damian --- Damian ... Ohhhh!" her body raised slightly as I fired my semen inside her.

"Ugghhh ..." I groaned in pleasure. I do not know how many times I shot it, but I do not want to remove my cock before all my load comes out.

[Incubus Rage deactivated.]

[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP!]

I gave her a kiss on her forehead, one of my hands stroked her hair as my head rested on my other hand. While she released her tail from my body.

"Do you feel better" I asked.

"Yes." Her hands wrapped my neck.

"Damian, you really made me forget everything," she said with a satisfied smile.

A sense of pride swept over me as soon as I saw her smile. But there is something strange about me, I still want to do it. My eyes are still staring at her with extraordinary thirst. There's a part of me that isn't satisfied, the demon inside me screams demanding for more…-

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