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The Incubus System Chapter 187. I Slept With The Demon Lord's Wife !

'Dammit!' I cursed internally as an irritated grunt escaped my mouth. While Emma could only bow in puzzled expression. Our brains were looking for a solution even though we knew we couldn't do anything to fix it. Which meant ... It was so frustrating! Moreover, what annoyed me, I never knew that all this time it was the Demon Lord who had protected us from his own kin as if what our history had recorded was a lie. Wasn't that crazy

Tania realized our frustration.

"The only thing we can do is help Lord Damon solve this crack problem and find the source."

A breath came out of my mouth as I tried to swallow the rest of my irritation.

"Looks like that's all we can do at this point." Then I thought of the previous Spider Demon.

"About that Spider Demon, can you give me more information about the Queen" Since she said the Queen would capture and enslave me forever, I guessed that the queen was one of the demon lords who wanted to expand her territory into the human world. And since her maid had found out about this crack, that queen would appear in the human world soon.

"Queen Szaros. She is one of the demonesses as well as the queen of the spider demons. Killing her is tantamount to waging war with all kinds of spider demons and they are one of the ten kinds of the largest demon population in the dark dimension. Her goal is only one, to lure the men and enslave them," explained Tania.

Okay, that was definitely not good news ...

Then Tania let out a deep sigh and her face turned gloomy.

"You know --- she wasn't like this before."

"Did something happen before" I asked.

"About 100 years ago, a male demon tried to kill her to take her territory after she married him. It was her kin who were trying to free her from that male demon. As the result ... She killed one third of her people with her own hands since she was under the male demon's manipulation spell. When she woke up from the influence, she was almost crazy and depressed because of it. Since then she doesn't believe in men anymore and considers them only as slaves. "

The story reminded me of Camila and Miguel's toxic relationship.

'Haa ... Bastards surely are everywhere ...' I thought.

As that thought crossed my mind, Tania and I could feel another demon's presence who had just entered the devil space.

"Who's there !" I took out my Demonic Spike as my hand turned towards the demon. While Tania's hand also pointed to that.

Another Dark Elf was standing there. Just like Tania, she had a black high ponytail with pointy ears and her face similar to Tania's. The difference was she looked younger and rather than a dress like Tania, she wore a cute tank-top with short jeans. A headset connected to a cellphone around her neck.

'Another Demon General' I thought. But from the status above her head, she shouldn't be one of them, so I decided to use my observation skill.


[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Yuffy] [Age: 210]

[Level 58]

[Race: Demon - Dark Elf]

[HP: 2981/2981] [DP: 481/534]

[Skills: Healing Light lv 5, Dispel lv 4, Devil Space lv 1, Dark Energy lv 1, Necromancy lv 3, Sleep Spell lv 2, Hell Blast lv 4]

[Emotion: Shocked]

[Love meter: 0/10]

[Condition: Normal]

[Weakness: Chest, Neck, Head, Ears]

[Talent: Communicating with spirits]

[Relationship: Single]

[Profession: Demon Lord's elite subordinates.]

I was quite shocked by her unusual skill.

'Necromancy and Healing light I thought the two skills contradict each other. ' In medieval times, history recorded because of the dangers that lurk everywhere, mages were far more numerous than in this modern era. In addition, because medical science was not as advanced as now, healers who had the healing light skill were more common than doctors. It was just since many con men pretend to be healers to extort people's money, eventually, people didn't trust healers anymore. Since then, only a few people still learned the ability and eventually the healers disappeared. That's why I wasn't surprised when Foxy mentioned Tania's ability before. Meanwhile, although the history books rarely mentioned Necromancy, I knew in medieval times, some people had this forbidden ability. It was the ability to turn corpses into undead and command them like slaves. But I never thought that a healer could have necromancer skills. Since it was clear that the two abilities contradict each other, one was for healing people and the other was for playing with the dead.

"Mom, I told you, let me handle this problem," said Yuffy with a pout. Her feet stepped toward us.

'Mom !' I turned to Tania in shock since she looked young and didn't look like a mother. In fact, she was more suitable as her sister. I cancelled my Demonic Spike and lowered my hand. While Tania also lowered her hand.

Tania sighed in annoyance

"Your dad is too worried about me. I told you I'm fine," she said. Then her face turned gloomy.

"Even Lilieth is still fighting in such a state. Do you think I'll just keep sitting around and do nothing"

Yuffy stopped in front of her.

"But--" Her words stopped as she saw me. Her eyes widened in shock.

"You ---" Then she pressed her lips.

"Good evening, Damian," she greeted me politely. A cute smile on her face.

"Good evening, Yuffy," I replied.

Then Yuffy turned to Emma.

"And you are"

"I'm Emma. Nice to meet you," said Emma.

Yuffy was silent, didn't return Emma's greetings and just stared at her.

"She is Damian's loyal partner, Yuffy. His wife" said Tania.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Nice to meet you, Emma," said Yuffy quickly. From her attitude, Kitty, Tania, Lilieth and her I began to understand how much they were keeping this secret from the human world or everyone they couldn't trust.

"Mrs Tania, may I know what happened to Lilieth" I asked. Since she mentioned Lilieth's state, I started to worry about her. The last time I saw Lilieth was last week and she seemed fine.

Tania turned to me.

"Do you remember what I said earlier That she took two huge blows from other Demon Lords"


"Do you think after that incident her condition is still the same as before" said Tania again. Traces of sadness and regret were evident in her tone.

I shook my head from side to side with a grim expression. I remembered after my mother had a miscarriage, the doctor asked her to get some rest since her body was weakened because of it. It happened only as a result of a miscarriage, let alone Lilieth who had taken two blows from other Demon Lord's. My thoughts returned to when I saw Lilieth fighting the Vengeful Imp in Nighthallow City desperately. If her position was Lord Damon's right-hand woman or I could assume her as his wife. She should be able to beat the Imp with ease. But since she seemed to be having a hard time fighting the Imp, it proved how much those blows had injured her.

Yuffy suddenly brought her face closer to me.

"Are you worried about Her Highness" Her eyes looked at me like Tania was observing me.

"Am I wrong to worry about her" I asked. After all, Lilieth had saved me and gave me a second chance. If there was something I could do to repay her kindness, of course I wouldn't mind doing it.

Yuffy smiled sweetly at me.

"You surely really care for Her Highness."

"I ---" My words stopped as I realized something important, no, this was very important! Lilieth was Lord Damon's wife, a demon lady, the sole ruler of the dark dimension's wife, the queen of the demon kingdom and I --- I just had sex with her last week! Although Lilieth was the one who was offered herself to me, there was a high possibility that Lord Damon would blame me.

'Is that why Lord Damon wanted to see me Because he knows I have sex with his wife I'm dead ... I'm so **in dead ... 'But then my panic started to subside as I turned my gaze to Tania and Yuffy.

'Wait for a second… If Lord Damon wants to kill me, he should order another Demon General to do it.' Even Kitty already knew where my home was and their level was way above mine. The fact that they didn't do anything to me proved that Lord Damon let this slide.

'But why ...'-

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