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The Incubus System Chapter 204: Weird yet Sweet Dream

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The Incubus System Chapter 204. Weird yet Sweet Dream

Camila's PoV

"Nghh ...." A soft moan came out of Camila's mouth as she moved her head from side to side slowly. Her eyes opened slowly, her room's ceiling began to enter her vision.

'Since when did I fall asleep' As she remembered, she couldn't sleep last night. She tried to collect her thoughts about what happened and her memory back to the last night's hot scenes which were still fresh in her head. In that instant, her cheeks flushed. Quickly, her hand pushed the blanket that was covering her naked body to the side and she turned over, letting the morning sunshine illuminate her soft and smooth skin and letting a pair of her beautiful breasts hang down.

"Damian," she called his name in a low voice since she was afraid the servants would hear it. Her eyes looked at the side of her empty bed with the messy, wrinkled bed sheet. Her hand touched it, looking for signs of his presence there. But the sheet was cold, indicating no one had ever slept there.

Then she swept her gaze to her room which was dominated by white colour. The bright sunlight that penetrated her bedroom window showed it was late morning, yet she couldn't find him. She sighed.

"Of course ... It was only a dream ..." she muttered. Yet, it felt so real for her. But of course, she knew, her dream was just too absurd. Damian didn't know where her house was and in her dream he appeared out of nowhere like a ghost, seducing her and making her feel good. In fact, she was sure that Olivia would have laughed at her if she told her about this. Since it sounded like a teenage girl's dream who just experienced love, so since she was too shy to confess, she imagined that her crush came to her like a cliché vampire love story or maybe --- Like folklore where a lust demon visited his victim. But the difference was her dream left a pleasant impression on her.

Her gaze diverted to the romance collection books that were neatly lined up in a transparent bookcase not far from her.

'Did I read too many fantasy romantic stories' she thought. Although, it was quite weird since it had been five years since she read that kind of book.

She sat on the bed, her hand took the blanket and covered her naked body. A smile bloomed on her lips. She remembered that she took off her clothes since she felt a little hot last night, even though she wasn't sure about it. But that's what she remembered. Who knew her actions made her have that strange dream. A beautiful dream that made her didn't want to wake up from her sleep again. Then she realized the burden in her heart was lessened and her mind relaxed. She felt like she just got new energy to face her problems, especially her husband and his affair.

Her gaze shifted to a nearby clock.

10.51 AM

It was too late for breakfast, so she thought about grabbing a brunch. But of course, she had to take a shower first. Turning to the side, she dropped the blanket in her hand and stood up as she stretched her muscles. This was the first time she had been able to sleep well after her sleepless nights, moreover, she felt calmer since she remembered Damian telling her that all her troubles would end soon. Weirdly, even though it was just a dream, she felt as if the real Damian was the one who said that.

'I hope you're right ... Damian. '


Ethan's PoV

I moved my feet down Diamond College's corridor casually. As usual, after I parted ways with Ruby at the station, I used my portal skill. But I used it to pick up Celia and Foxy first before going to College. Since she only had one test today, he came home early. I took my cellphone from my bag without stopping my steps. My eyes fell on it and my hand typed a message to Olivia, asking if her class was over or not. If I remembered correctly, she had two classes today, in the morning and the afternoon, so she had two hours of free time before the next class. Besides, I was sure Larry wasn't here yet.

Me: Hey, is your class finished

Olivia: Not yet. Why

Me: I'm at college now. Would you like to have coffee with me You can bring Emma with you.

Olivia: Okay. Just wait for me in the Cafeteria.

Me: See you soon.

I put away my cellphone and walked towards the Cafeteria.

"One cappuccino please," I said as I reached the counter. The cafeteria looked a little empty since it was not lunch time yet.

After I paid for my order with my virtual account, I brought my coffee and took a seat right by the large window facing the courtyard. It was the usual place every time I came here. My hand took off the lid and blew my cup briefly as hot steam escaped from it and let the smell of coffee tickle my nose. As I took a sip of it, I connected myself to Ian and the others to ask about my plan preparation.

[You are connected with all of your slaves.]

'Good morning, everyone. Have you prepared what I ordered ' I asked as my hand put my cup on the table and leaned my back to my chair. I had to admit this was kind of weird since it felt similar to an online meeting at a web conference. The difference was we couldn't see each other.

'Don't worry. We've prepared everything for you, Mr Damian, 'said Finley. Previously, I had cancelled my request to find out about a woman named Eve. Since I could already guess that Eve was Princess Eve of Euthenia. Also, since Ian was still injured, I distributed some of his responsibility to Finley. So Ian was only in charge of spying on Miguel and the Creststream mansion. Even though they were my slaves, they were human beings, so I had to make sure they were okay.

'Good. How are things at the Creststream Mansion Do they suspect someone broke into the house ' I asked.

This time, Ian answered me.

'Mr Miguel made a little fuss this morning because the CCTV in front of his private office was broken for no reason. He yelled to all the securities, even his voice woke up Miss Olivia. But he calmed down after checking his room and making sure nothing was missing there. He also asked the securities to tighten the guard. '

'What about Camila Did she also wake up because of it ' I asked again.

'Mrs Camila just woke up, Mr Damian. And she just went to the dining room to grab a brunch. Looks like she slept well last night. '

Ian's answer made me curious about Camila's condition since I used my Manipulation skill as a kind of Hypnotherapy this morning, even though I knew it wasn't a proper one.

'How is her condition Does she look well '

'She looks much fresher and much better, sir.'

I let out a sigh of relief.

'That's good.' At least I know what I did to her had a good effect on her. My mind returned to Miguel.

'Then about Miguel, did Myra contact him Or did Miguel contact her ' I had broken some CCTVs at Tempestechnologies last night and checked the building in a hurry since our time was too tight. Even though we had returned all the items in their place, Myra could have noticed and reported it to Miguel or vice versa, Miguel contacted Myra to warn her because of strange events in his mansion.

'Not yet, Mr Damian.'

'Keep an eye on him,' I said.

'I understand, Mr Damian.'

'Is there anything you want to report again' I asked.

'Nothing, Mr Damian,' they answered.

'Fine. See you tonight, guys. ' I closed our conversation.

[You have disconnected with all of your slaves.]

I took my cup and sipped as I gazed toward the courtyard. But my mind was busy with my thoughts. So since Myra couldn't come tonight, I planned to trap Miguel and use my Mind Corruption skill on him. I could say that skill was my advanced Manipulation skill since I could read, erase and even alter other people's thoughts and memories permanently with it. I needed that skill, especially to read Miguel and Myra's thoughts to find out about their plans. After that, with the reporters' help, I could not only take them down with their scandals but also with their insane plans. With that, I was sure Camila would win that court easily. But unfortunately, I needed 1 more skill point for that or about 50% more EXP to be precise.

'I have to hunt down more demons before meeting Miguel tonight.'

Note: Camila's nude pic is in my Discord channel.-

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