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The Incubus System Chapter 292. Naked Gala Dinner V

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The Incubus System Chapter 292. Naked Gala Dinner V

Realizing what they were going to do, I turned to the door. My guess was right, Ivy, Maria and Emma came out of there one by one. Rather than a small cart, each of them pushed a huge cart covered in a thin blanket. They stopped not far away from me and pulled the brakes so the carts, which had been arranged neatly, remained where they were. I stood up from my seat without taking my eyes off the carts. My curiosity was evident on my face.

Those carts were huge and I couldn't possibly finish that much of food.

"I don't think I can finish all of these," I said.

"I know you can finish them, Damian," Pearl said. Then she clapped twice.

As if on cue, Ivy and the others opened the thin blankets, revealing their contents and it took me by surprise. Camila, Yuffy and Luna lay there in the unique costume that matched the food on their bodies or rather on top of their private parts. The food itself was not much compared to the size of 'the plates' but all of them looked tempting for me. For example, the sashimi slices on top of Camila's body were only about 10 to 15 slices but they arranged it neatly on top of her boobs and her navel. A mermaid tail costume covered her legs and some artificial shells were scattered on her stomach as decoration. A black blindfold covered her eyes and her hands which were above her head were tied with a ribbon.

Likewise, with Yuffy and Luna, the only difference was the food on their bodies and the costume. Yuffy wore fake sheep horns with a costume that resembled white fleece that covered her legs and arms. In accordance with the costume, some slice of stuffed lamb breast on top of her boobs and her navel. While Roasted Duck was on top of Luna's body.

"All of them use the best ingredients and the best plates. Which one do you want to eat first" Pearl's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Any recommendations" I said without taking my eyes off them. They tickled both my appetites, I felt like I wanted to eat them all, in both definitions.

"I recommend the sashimi for starters. You need to eat it fresh to get the best taste. Just tell me if you need the shoyu (Japan's soy sauce). Emma will pour it for you," Pearl replied. Her eyes fixed on me, observing every change of my expression.

I glanced at her.

"I'll follow your recommendation." My feet were about to move towards the carts, but Pearl spoke again.

"One more thing, Damian. First, there are no eating utensils here so you have to take the food with your mouth. And I will remind you once again, you can't bang us here, only seduction is allowed," Pearl reminded.

I took a deep breath to calm myself or rather my desire. Although the previous game was enough to dampen my lust and put my cock back to sleep, that didn't mean it was gone completely.

"With those beautiful plates, what makes you think I would use my hands or cutlery instead of my mouth And for your reminder, as I said before, as long as you don't set double standards I will follow them." Then I continued my steps.

I stopped in front of Camila who was lying helplessly. Her breasts heaved up and down in tension and anticipation. My eyes were observing her as if I traced her body with my gaze and determine which part I wanted to enjoy first.

"Should I pour the shoyu" Emma's voice came from my side.

"Let me do it," I said in a casual tone. I stretched my hand to the side, asking her to give the shoyu to me.

Emma turned to Pearl, asking for her approval without a word. After Pearl replied with a nod, Emma handed me the shoyu.

"Where should I start..." I muttered without taking my eyes off Camila. A naughty smile on my lips. The back of my index finger swept her strand of hairs to the side before traced the side of her face down to her neck. I could feel her tense muscles upon my soft touch. Since her eyes were closed, so her skin would be more sensitive. Moreover, she didn't know where I was going to touch her.

A faint chuckle came out of my mouth.

"I think I've found it," I said. I poured the shoyu into one of her breasts. The dark brown liquid that was in a container that resembled a salt shaker flowed from a small funnel on the side. It soaked her skin and the sashimi. The wet feeling greeted her skin and gave a strange sensation to her body. But just a little bit, I stopped it.

"Ops, I changed my mind," I said in a teasing voice

This time I poured it on the sashimi on top of her navel a bit before I gave the shoyu to Emma. My index finger swept around her navel to her below, almost sneaking up on her tail costume before climbing back up again, warning her of what was to come. But my face approached the other breast.

"Bon appetite," I said in a seductive voice. After those words, I opened my mouth and devoured a slice of sashimi that was on top of her breast and made sure my tongue touched her skin. I could taste the tenderness in my mouth, either from the sashimi or her mound. I ended it with a bit of suction before I let her go, leaving a faint pink mark there. She twitched in surprise upon my touch and kiss. Her head turned to me in reflex.

I pulled my head and chewed my food. The food taste was indeed delicious, but her... Far much tastier than the food.

Another teasing chuckle came out of my mouth before I brought my face closer to her navel. This time I stuck my tongue and licked the surrounding shoyu before taking two pieces of sashimi and eating them. She gasped again and drew a sudden, quick breath in reflex accompanied by her moan.


"Pearl, you are right. This fish is really fresh," I said after I swallowed my food. It had two meanings. Either Camila or the sashimi.

"I'm glad you like it," Pearl replied.

Again, I brought my face closer to the rest of her body. My index finger moved to brush her skin. Occasionally, I kissed her there and here. Touching her sensitive spots gently with the tips of my fingers, making her confused with my touches. My tongue licked her body before I put the food in my mouth. My saliva replaced the shoyu on her body. Every now and then, I play with her erected nipples, either with my fingers or with my tongue.

Even though she tried to hold it, her moans were kept out of her mouth. Sometimes she flinched in shock and her breathing grew heavier with every second. Her face was getting redder by every stimulation I gave her and I liked her reaction. But since the plate was empty, I knew I had to end this.

"Thank you for the fresh sashimi," I whispered into her ear before I kissed Camila on the lips as a goodbye. Unfortunately, as a 'plate', she could not say a word. It was a bit frustrating, but I couldn't deny it, I really enjoyed her reaction and her moans. After I took a step away, Emma pushed the cart and left.

My gaze shifted to the other two.

"Should I eat the duck first or the lamb" I turned to Pearl.

"What do you think, Pearl"

"I will recommend the duck. If the duck is too cold, the skin won't be crispy anymore," she replied in a casual tone.

"Fine. The Roasted Duck it is..." My feet moved towards Luna.


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