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The Incubus System Chapter 300. Angel in The Crystal III

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The Incubus System Chapter 300. Angel in The Crystal III

Due to their unusual levels, I decided to check out one of them to find out how strong they were.


[Observation skills succeeded.]

[Name: Ermer Caruso]

[Ages: 21]

[Level 7] [Race: Hybrid-beast]

[HP: 167/ 167] [MP: 118/118]

[Skills: Holy Barrier lv 2, Holy Whip lv 3]

[Emotion: In caution]

[Love meter: 0/10]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weakness: Chest, Neck, Head.]

[Talent: High Stamina (Stamina is higher than other races)]

[Relationship: Single.]

[Profession: Serpent Rock Kingdom's Guard.]

'Two holy element skills... They aren't ordinary guards.' The fact that guards like them had those skills, proving how big the Kingdom of Serpent Rock's power was.

With careful steps, I turned to the side to take a detour. I decided to infiltrate from another way that had fewer guards.

Half an hour had passed. My eyes stared at the gold-coloured high fence in front of me with two CCTVs turning from side to side to check the surroundings. This was the best spot of all since there were no guards here.

I approached the fence carefully to minimize any abnormal movements that could make the CCTVs detect me. My eyes were on the CCTVs. As soon as both of them turned to the other side, I jumped as fast as I could.

- Brak!

Before I reached the fence, I hit an invisible wall. Deftly, I kicked the wall with my feet, spinning in the mid-air once before landing elegantly on the ground like an agile cat.

At the same time, the CCTVs turned where I hit that wall. It seemed that CCTVs were equipped with sound detectors.

I frowned in confusion and swept my gaze to check what it was, but I found nothing there. Although I wanted to check it out right away, I had to wait until those CCTVs turned the other way. So I had no other choice but to stay in my position.

'What's that' Foxy's voice sounded in my head. She was also shocked by it.

'I don't know...' I said. But I guessed it had something to do with the angel in that Palace or the barrier.

Five minutes later, after the CCTVs turned the other way. I extended my hand to touch the invisible wall and trod in caution to minimize the leaves' rustling sound beneath my feet. As my palm touched that invisible barrier, in an instant, my eyes could see a large transparent white dome-shaped barrier that protected that place.

'What the hell...' My eyes widened in shock since it looked similar to my Devil Space. I assumed that the barrier not only nullified my portal but also had a similar function as Pearl's Demon Shield. The difference was, this barrier could detect the demons perfectly, not just based on their Demonic Aura.

A second later, I lowered my hand and retreated a few steps. As I expected, the CCTVs turned to me since they detected a movement from my spot.

The Foxy stammering voice rang in my head.

'M-Master is that...'

'Yes... It's a Holy Barrier. Looks like we can't enter in the normal way.' A breath of disappointment escaped my mouth since that meant I had to find another way to get into this place or I could only place my hope on Mia.

'What should we do now' Foxy asked. I could catch her worry since it was the first time she'd come face to face with an angel's power.

'There's nothing we can do. We'll think of another way to get in,' I said as I turned and walked away. I had no other choice but to leave the place since I was sure with the oddity, they would definitely send guards to check it out.


08.16 AM

"Master, since there's nothing we can do, I think you should take a rest now," said Foxy, who was standing in front of me, worriedly. I had explained to her about what I saw in Mia's memory and all my guesses. Unfortunately, Foxy's knowledge of the light dimension was zero, just like mine.

I leaned my back and my head onto the sofa. My eyes stared in a daze at the hotel ceiling.

"I know..." A trace of frustration was evident in my tone. The only thing I could do was discuss this with my generals or maybe with Lord Damon and Lilieth since I didn't want what I was about to do to cause a new war between the dark and light dimensions. It was the same when I was investigating Myra two weeks ago. I knew the clue was there. I knew the angel was in that palace. It was in front of me, under my nose, yet I couldn't reach it. It was so frustrating.

I paused and took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself. Although the confusion overwhelmed my mind and I wanted the answer right away, I had to admit that I was too careless. Although the angel was trapped inside the crystal, I didn't know how strong or what level she was. I should have been more careful with her. Yet I had tried to meet her without a decent plan, without a second thought, even tried to sneak into another kingdom's palace.

'I should control myself a bit.' I couldn't deny it, it was the excitement inside me that pushed me to do it since that angel could be my guide to awaken my angelic side. But on second thought, the angel could attack me as soon as I met her.

"Should I wake Ivy and the others up" Foxy's voice dismissed my thoughts.

"Nah. I will ask them later." My hand pinched the bridge of my nose without opening my eyes. A tired breath escaped my mouth.

"Do you need anything else" Foxy asked again.

I opened my eyes and turned to her. A reassuring smile on my lips since I could catch her worry from the tone of her voice and expression.

"It's okay. Take a rest, Foxy. I will follow your advice," I said.

"Okay. Just wake me up if you need anything from me," she said before she turned around and went back to the bed.

I lay down on the sofa and once again, stared at the empty ceiling. The back of my hand was on my forehead. My mind returned to that angel's blurry image and the story of the war between the three worlds. Then I started to wonder...

"Since I was born a human... Also has the power of dark and light. Can I use this power to bring peace to the three worlds" I muttered. But I quickly threw that thought away and closed my eyes. That was impossible, considering this was a thousand years old problem. I was sure it was not that easy. After all, it made me sound like Erebus, though we obviously had different reasons.

Then another thought crossed my head.

'But what if I can do it'

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