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The Incubus System Chapter 320. The Heartbroken Maid I

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The Incubus System Chapter 320. The Heartbroken Maid I

That ruckus caught the attention of those who had just dispersed after watching me to Mrs Clea, including me. But this time none of those people approached them since they knew this was a serious matter.

"You need to calm down, miss," Mrs Clea tried to calm her down and tried to release Miranda's hand, but Miranda didn't let go of her grip, instead she gripped Mrs Clea harder.

Despite what Mrs Clea said, Miranda kept saying the same thing, begging Mrs Clea to let her join the demon hunter in desperation. Tears kept flowing from her eyes. From her gaze that filled with frustration, I could only guess she had lost her mind. She didn't even care about the people's gazes around her.

Sensing his master was in danger, Alan, who was flying above them, prepared to attack Miranda, but Mrs Clea raised her hand to stop him.

"Miss, please calm yourself down." Mrs Clea kept trying to calm Miranda down but Miranda ignored her and kept begging.

My forehead was wrinkled in confusion. I wondered if this incident reminded her of her trauma. Which meant that my skill didn't erase the past incident from her memory permanently. Or... It was her body memory that made her do this.

Upon that scene, several cops approached them. Some pulled Miranda away from Mrs Clea by force and others tried to disperse the crowd who was watching them.

Still, despite Miranda's rudeness, Mrs Clea continued to try to calm her down and ask what had happened. But after a demon hunter approached and reported something to Mrs Clea, she quickly excused herself in a hurry. I guessed something urgent was going on or it had something to do with the Senate. Well, based on what had happened and since my other servants hadn't reported anything to me I bet it was my second guess.

Mrs Clea's departure made Miranda scream hysterically and struggle violently, trying to free herself from the cops and chase after Mrs Clea. But her struggle was in vain. Feeling bad for Miranda, I was about to approach her. I planned to pretend to be her acquaintance and take her away. After that, I could calm her down either with my Mind Corruption or Manipulation skill.

Unfortunately, just as I was about to approach her, my sight caught Elenna along with the other reporters, mostly wearing Ravenetwork's uniforms. Yeah, this was indeed legit news for them. As always, Elenna was arguing with the cops since they kicked her out and forbade her to record this scene. But she didn't want to leave, judging by her stubbornness, she couldn't possibly miss the opportunity to get as much news and information as possible about this incident.

Upon her presence, I turned around and hid near an empty alley. After making sure everyone's attention was on the scene. I activated my Incubus Form and changed my clothes to one of the medical workers. Well, Elenna's target was Ethan, not Damian. After all, she had never met me before.

I quickly came out of the alley and approached them.

"Let me handle this," I said amidst the screaming and chaos.

"The ambulances are full now. Where can we take her" asked one of the cops.

"Lend me your car. I'll try to calm her down there," I said. Her shouts and screams made the other victims restless. Besides, I didn't want to take the risk by using my skill in front of many people like this.

"Without any equipment" asked the other in disbelief.

"Yes. Believe me. I can handle this," I convinced them.

"Alright." They finally agreed because there were no paramedics or other medical workers available right now.

The cops quickly handcuffed her to minimize her movement and took her to one of their cars. While I followed them.

"Let me go!" Miranda screamed as a cop pushed her into the back seat. I knew they didn't want to do this and neither did I. But Miranda gave us no other choice.

After she entered, I immediately got in and sat beside her, closing the only exit there. But I didn't close the door since I didn't want other people to think I wanted to do lewd things to her. My hand swiftly caught her wrists and the other grabbed her shoulder to prevent her from hitting me.

"Calm down, miss. I just want to help you," I said. But she wouldn't listen to me and kept saying that she wanted to become a demon hunter.

"Can you handle it Do you need our help" A cop's voice came from behind me.

I turned to him.

"Yeah, I can handle this. Please give me some space and a little bit of time." I had to do this quickly before the real medical worker arrived.

"Okay. Just call us, if you need anything," he said. After that, he turned his head the other way. A police car usually had an internal recorder, so all my actions would be recorded with that device.

I returned my attention to Miranda.

"Miss, please calm down. Look at me, look at me." As our eyes met, I used my skill.

'Mind Corruption.'

In that instant, her gaze turned blank and she stopped struggling. As my hands let go of her body slowly, I spoke again.

"Very good. Now take a deep breath and exhale. Good. Now I want you to tell me what happened to you," I added. It was only an act since she didn't follow my instructions and only stared at me blankly. But since the recorder recorded everything I did, I had to do it. That was also the reason why I couldn't use my Dark Bound on her.

"Sorry. Can you speak louder" I said as I put my ear closer to her lips. Yeah, it was another act.

[The target has been in your Mind Corruption. What do you want to do with her memory]

[Read / Erase / Alter]


[Please insert what you want to read from the target's memory.]

'What made her lose her mind.'

[Reading memory is in progress...]

I closed my eyes as her memory rushed into my head and what I saw was another nightmare... Previously, I thought this incident reminded her of her previous trauma about what happened to her in the dark dimension. Also on what the Incubus did to her. But it turned out I was wrong. What made her almost lose her sanity was because she just lost her boyfriend. Forever...

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