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The Incubus System Chapter 354. Infiltration to The Dark Dimension II

As soon as we exited my portal, the pungent stinking stench immediately hit our noses.

[The portal has closed! ]

We were standing on the top of a building in Nighthallow City. The situation was already chaotic when we arrived there. This was even worse than two days ago or the Cretunt Bridge incident!

As we swept our gazes around us, our eyes widened in shock. We didn't expect the damage to be this bad. Several large holes were on the street, allowing us to see the sewer below it. Thick smoke from a burning bus stop soared into the sky and created a scorching smell that pierced our nose. So did some big tires in the fire around the side road. Two damaged hydrants sprayed the water and soaked the streets.

Several demons went on a rampage and destroyed a bus and two city cars. No, not just a few, but hundreds. Yes, even though the CCTV footage only showed two Malevolent Butchers, the street was filled with a lot of demonkind. I could even see some winged demons flying around us. As for the humans, I couldn't detect any movement from them. I could only hope they had already hidden in time.

My eyes moved to identify the demons one by one.

'Malevolent Butchers, Aggressive Butchers, Rat Demons, Chaos Imps, Nefarious Imps. If the demon hunter wants to use their secret magic tech. This is a good time,' I thought. Although I was not sure of its effectiveness, it could at least kill some low-level demons. But this place was filled with humans, I was not sure they would use that either, considering the damage could destroy the surrounding buildings and kill everyone in it. So I bet the demon hunters have no other choice but to kill the demons one by one as usual.

But... As usual, the demon hunters were late again since I didn't catch any sign of them here. Well, I couldn't blame them either. I had the Portal skill and it helped me a lot, so I could arrive faster than the others.

I stretched out my hand. My palm was facing up and I was about to use my Devil Space. But between the sound of car alarms and the demons' angry screams echoing through the sky, my ears could hear a human's scream from the other end of the street.

My gaze shifted to the origin of the voice but I caught nothing. I could only catch a damaged pickup truck. I could see the fire in one part of the truck and be sure it would spread quickly. Surprisingly, some of the Chaos Imps didn't care and continued to frolic around it, as if they were waiting for something from there. Think again, the other demons also destroyed the other cars happily. Unusually, they were very interested in it.

In an instant, I realized. Something or rather someone was trapped in there. Quickly, I lowered my hand and turned to Yuffy.

"Rescue whoever is trapped in the pickup and take them to the safe place. Also, make sure no other people are trapped in other cars." Then I glanced at Foxy.

"Foxy, cover Yuffy. Don't let the demons get in the way." My gaze shifted to the others.

"The others, kill as many demons as you can. Make sure they don't find the humans before Yuffy saves the victims. Once her mission is over, cover this place with Devil Space and find the cracks!" I ordered.

No screams were coming from the other cars. The victims could be unconscious or seriously injured. Worse, they were trapped in the cars and couldn't get out. If I used my Devil Space now, even if I could take the demons with me, the victims trapped in the car would burn to death.

"We understand, Your Highness!" they answered. As if on cue, they moved to carry out their tasks as fast as they could. A mask covered three-quarters of their faces, making sure no one recognized them.

As my servants carried out their duties, my eyes turned to a red demon floating in the mid-air. A mocking laugh escaped his mouth as his eyes stared at the chaos below him, making all of this his amusement. I just noticed him since his location was higher than the others. Higher than the Nefarious Imps. And I would never be able to forget his appearance. His red skin with bat wings on his back and his tail shaped like a scorpion's tail. It was a Vengeful Imp.

'Demonic Energy, Demonic Claw.' I activated my skills without taking my eyes off him. My brain was looking for a way to kill him quickly since his Cannibalism talent was so annoying. I could remember how that talent could make his HP full in an instant by absorbing another demon's HP. And this place was a perfect battlefield for him. Well, his talent was similar to my Energy Siphon, although I only absorbed DP. So I should be able to deal with him. After all, we were only 8 levels apart now.

[Demonic Claw has been activated.]

[Demonic Energy has been activated.]

[STR: 100 180]

[AGI: 60 108]

[Time remaining: 4:58]

'Observation.' I decided to check him one more time, just to make sure of his weakness and to find out more about him, especially to check his HP points. At least I had to calculate it so I could finish him off faster.

[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Vengeful Imp]

[Level 68]

[Race: Demons]

[Class: Rare - Noble Demon]

[Status: Middle intelligence type]

[HP: 3785/3785]

[DP: 512/539]

[Skills: Venom Tail lv 4, Demonic Claw lv 3, Hell Fire lv 5 (High)]

[Emotion: Happy]

[Condition: Normal]

[Weakness: Neck]

[Talent: Invulnerable to magic attack, Cannibalism ]

'Oh, God... How could I forget that he is invulnerable to magic attacks' I thought as soon as I saw his other talent. This way my choice was dropped on my Wrath Kill and since my black flame's damage came from my INT, I was not sure it would have any effect on him either. So I could only rely on my brute force.

'Right, I have no choice then.' I took my stance.

'Just charge and don't give him a chance to fight back.' Then I launched at the Vengeful Imp as fast as I could.

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