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The Incubus System 36 Chapter 35. Royalty

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06.47 PM

"Do you still want to stay" My hand was buttoning my shirt as my eyes stared at Camila who was lying with her side on the bed relaxingly, her hand supporting her head while her eyes were fixed on me. Her body is still only covered by her lingerie.

"I want to take a shower before going home," she replied casually.

"Don't come home too late, okay" I'm a bit worried since the demons are more active at night.

"Don't worry."

I tidied my shirt as I glanced at the clock and realized my time was getting narrower.

"I have to go now."

She got out of the bed, took my suit and gave it to me.

"I'll transfer you tonight."

I took my suit from her hand and slipped it into my hand. "Okay." Actually, money is not a problem for me anymore. After signing a contract with Pearl yesterday, Sea Devil club has become mine and after signing a contract with Diamond this afternoon, Diamond College has also become mine.

But I won't use the money excessively because it will cause trouble for me. After all, an 18-year-old college student who suddenly becomes rich in a day without winning the lottery sounds very suspicious.

Camila gave me a kiss on my lips.

"See you next time."

"Bye." I turned and walked toward the exit.

After the door closed, Camila turned her head towards the large mirror nearby, looked at herself that was only covered in her sexy black lingerie and smiled.

Actually, she lied when she said she was wearing this because she saw her husband's mistress wearing lingerie yesterday. She actually bought this a month ago and planned to wear it on her husband's birthday, but not long after she bought it, her husband brought his affair and asked for a divorce. The lingerie was only stored in the box and left a bitter feeling every time she saw it.

Therefore, since she decided to give sweet memories to the lingerie and use for Damian today, as her pain slowly disappeared .

"Damian ... Thank you ..." she whispered softly.


I came out of the hotel and walked quickly down the street to Ledred, past the people who turned to me. I could even hear several women's gossiping as they smiled sassily while their eyes continued to follow me.

Two security guards opened the glass door in front of me.

"Welcome, Mr Damian," said both of them as soon as I stepped into the Sea Devil Club. The faint sound of music came from the dance hall.

"Has Lady Pearl arrived yet" I asked.

"She was waiting for you in the VIP room, Mr Damian."

"Okay, thank you." My feet moved forward while my arms swung to wear my suit.

As I walked through the dance hall, several women immediately approached and seduced me.

"Are you new here I've never seen you before."

"How much your price for a night"

"I'm sorry, ladies. I have an appointment with Lady Pearl tonight," I refused.

"Ah!" Their faces turned disappointed when they heard Lady Pearl's name and immediately dispersed themselves.

'Well, they really afraid of Pearl.' I moved my feet to the VIP room.

"Damian, I'm waiting for you," Pearl said excitedly as she watched me enter the room. And this time, there's no man was bound at the 'torture' table.

I dropped onto the sofa while she immediately nested comfortably in my arms.

"Miss me already" I teased.

"Of course, I miss you," she said in a spoiled tone. Her 'human' legs turn into tentacles and creep slowly to my body.

"What do you want to drink"

"I think I will pass," I refused. Even though I can drink a glass of wine or beer, but I know my alcohol tolerance is low.

"Are you afraid of getting drunk" she guessed, a mischievous smile on her lips.

I smirked seductively at her.

"I'm not afraid, but I don't want to. If I do it when I'm drunk I won't be able to remember anything after that, isn't that a waste" Well, if I have to do it, I can neutralize the alcohol's effect with my dispel skills.

She pouted.

"But I want to see you drunk ~" she coaxed in a spoiled tone. She brought her lips to my ear.

"I want to know how fierce you are when you are drunk ~" she whispered in a sweet voice.

An evil smirk formed on my lips as I shifted my head to face her and grabbed her chin. My eyes looked at her with an alluring gaze.

"I can show my ferocity more than before without having to get drunk." Even though, I did it without limiting myself yesterday, but I haven't used my Demonic Erection skill since I just took her virginity.

"Then you have to show it to me now..." Her face approached me slowly, her eyes glinted in excitement, her hands moved to peel off my suit.

* Ding *

A message ringtone from my cellphone interrupted us.

"Wait a second," I said, taking my cellphone from my pocket and checking it. Only a few people knew Damian's number, so I guessed this was either from Camila or Celia. Even though Celia only knew my other numbers, I linked her contact to Damian's cellphone so she could contact me any time.

But my guess was wrong, it turns out Mia is the one who sent me the message.

Mia: Hello, Damian. How are you I'm in Nighthallow City now. Do you have time to meet me

"Who is she Is she your client or a friend" Pearl asked, her eyes staring at my cellphone screen.

"She's a client and also a friend." I don't want Pearl to think that Mia is just a client, but saying I'm closer to Mia than her will definitely make her mad.

I just typed a reply to Mia that I couldn't meet her today because I was with someone else, but suddenly Pearl stopped my hand movements.

"Just tell her to come here," Pearl said casually.

I frowned in confusion.

"You don't mind if she comes here" I made sure, for some reason, her words sounded like a trap.

"It doesn't matter. Besides, I never mention you can't have another woman in our contract."

"You really don't have any problem with this" I made sure once more. Even though I know that there are no such provisions in the contract, but it feels strange if there's a woman who lets another woman meet their partners when they are spend the time together.

"I told you it doesn't matter. What are you afraid of" she insisted.

"Fine," I said. My hands typed another message to Mia. Even though it sounds weird but I finally agreed, I will use my manipulation or charm skills on them if something happens.

Me: If you want to meet me, I'm at the Sea Devil club in Ledred District. But I'm with someone else now. Are you okay with that

Mia: No problem. I expected that possibility since I suddenly contacted you.

Me: Okay, I'm waiting for you.

After I finished, Pearl got up and pressed a button on an electronic device that was hanging on the wall near us.

"If a woman named Mia comes, take her to the VIP room. Tell her, Damian and LADY PEARL are waiting for her." I could see an evil smirk adorning her face.

Suddenly I remembered the women's reaction who had just seduced me in the dance hall. 'I see, she wants to make Mia back away from me by using her name.' I sighed annoyed. 'I should have expected it.'

My hand snatched my cellphone and started typing another message but Pearl's tentacle tied my wrist to stop me.

"What are you doing" I said in a displeased tone without turning my gaze at her.

"Why do you want to cancel it I just want to meet her, can't I" she teased.

My eyes are diverted on her.

"I know you just want to drive her away from me," I said straight to the point.

She crawled on the sofa slowly toward me, her eyes staring intently like a hungry jaguar approaching her prey. "It all depends on her decision. I just want to tell her that you are mine."

"I already said I don't belong to anyone. Besides, didn't you already say that I can have another woman" My eyes looked at her with the same gaze.

Her face approached me as her hand spread from my shoulders around my neck. "Of course, but I don't want to share my man with a lowly woman. It's tantamount to lowering my pride." Her arrogance was clearly heard from the tone of her voice.

"She's not a lowly woman," I said in a firm voice. Her words really pissed me off. Mia helped my family a lot, she also gave me and my sister encouragement when we had just lost our father. Of course, I did not accept her mockery. After all, how could she possibly judge her just from something like this

"If she's not a lowly woman, she would have dared to meet me." An evil smirk returned to her face.

I snorted irritably and had just opened my mouth to reply to her words but the voice from the intercom interrupted us. "Mr Damian, Lady Pearl. Miss Mia is on her way to the VIP room."

The smirk on Pearl's face faded and now it's my turn to give her a smirk. "Is that enough to prove that she's not a lowly woman" I said sarcastically.

"Tsk!" Pearl clicked her tongue in annoyance. "We'll see if she still has the guts after seeing me," she said again in an arrogant tone.

A few seconds later, a knock on the door accompanied by the sound of the door opening could be heard. Mia entered our room, a smile adorned her face. She bowed her head politely. "Good evening--" her words stopped, her smile faded and she looked shocked when she saw Pearl.

'She must have been surprised because Pearl is Kraken' s descendant.' I glanced at Pearl and saw her expression is the same as Mia. My brow furrowed in confusion, I could understand Mia's reaction, but why did Pearl also show the same

"Your Highness. Why are you here" said Pearl. She released her hands and tentacles from me, her body retreated and returned to her seat. Her eyes remained fixed on Mia while the expression on her face did not change.

Upon hearing the words 'Your Highness', I immediately turned to Mia and used my observation skill.


[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Mia Ashelis] [Age: 24]

[Level 1] [Race: Hybrid-beast]

[HP: 36/36] [MP: 15/15]

[Skills: Medusa's Eye lv 2]

[Emotion: In love, shocked.]

[Love meter: 1/10]

[Condition: Normal]

[Relationship: Incubus' Partner]

[Profession: Crown Princess of Serpent Rock Kingdom, Assistant manager.]

My eyes widened in surprise when I saw her profession. Although I know it was rare that a Lamia came out from their territory, but I did not expect Mia to be a crown princess.-

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