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The Incubus System Chapter 362. Infiltration to The Dark Dimension X

But before I got the answer, what Alfred did made me even more confused. He suddenly bent his knee and lowered his head.

"Please forgive my impudence, Your Highness," he said in a panic.

I turned from side to side, just to make sure there was no one around me and who he meant was me. I knew I was the only prince of the dark dimension, but who knew he also called another demon lord with the same name. His sudden change of attitude made me frown in confusion. Still, I didn't cancel my Wrath Kill, just in case, he was just pretending.

He took off one of his gloves, showing a pair of demon wing's symbol on the back of his hand. That mark gave off a dark aura and I could feel a trace of Lord Damon's power from there.

"My name is Alfred, the king's loyal soldier. I didn't know you had returned to the dark dimension by yourself. I hope you can forgive me," he said guiltily.

"Get up. I have forgiven you." I cancelled my Wrath Kill since that mark was proof of his loyalty to Lord Damon.

He did what I told him.

"May I know, what are you doing here" he asked.

"The cracks are starting to get worse again and their movements are more abnormal than before. So I decided to investigate it. Tell me, what happened" Since he had already shown his mark, I decided to make my point clear.

"Ah, the cracks... We have indeed some trouble with that." His hesitation was evident from his voice and face.

"I can't deny it. There's a big change happening in the dark dimension now. But I don't dare to tell you before I get the king's permission. Besides, I'm just the mountain's guardian, I don't know many details about it."

"Then, can you take me to him" I said without further ado. It would be better if Lord Damon knew about my plan. As for his status, I could only guess it had something to do with the dark miasma. It was so terrible so it definitely needed a guard. Who knew if a malicious thing came from there At least that explained why he suddenly appeared here.

"I'm sorry. I can't---"

But I interrupted him.

"Or can you tell him that I want to join the fight" I said straight to the point.

He looked surprised by it for a while before he opened his mouth again.

"I'm sorry. I---" This time his words stopped on their own without my interruption. After that, he fell silent.

"Can you" I repeated my question. I guessed Lord Damon or Lilieth were saying something to him via Telepathy.

A second later, his hesitation disappeared from his face and he looked at me with a serious look.

"The king will open the access for you---" Then he approached me.

"--in two days. Please prepare yourself and your generals," he added in a low voice before he distanced himself from me.

I frowned in suspicion.

"He will let me come to this place officially" I made sure. It was weird since Lord Damon blocked all my servants' access to this place before but then he allowed me to come easily. Was this just a tactic to keep me away from the Dark Dimension But I quickly threw the thought away since Alfred gave me the exact time.

"Yes. He will inform one of your generals. For now, please go back to your place," he confirmed.

"May I know what happened" I asked again since I couldn't hide my curiosity.

He shook his head from side to side.

"I can't tell you now, Your Highness. The king himself will tell you everything."

"Fine." Well, it was only 2 days. I was sure I could hold my curiosity for that long. I opened my portal to return to the human world.

"I will wait for the good news." Then I turned around and walked into it. As my feet moved, I took my last glance at the mountain as I could remember the nostalgic power that came from there.

'What is this feeling'


Lord Damon's PoV

At the same time, in the middle of the thick dark miasma that enveloped the Cursed Mountain, near the Deadly Swamp. Lord Damon was standing in a secret chamber within the mountain. As usual, his hands were folded in front of his chest and his chin was slightly raised, showing his arrogance and his pride as the demon king.

His eyes were fixed on the stone altar in the centre of the room. A pair of white and black swords stuck there. A deep 20 meters gap separated the altar from the rest of the room. But rather than hot lava like a mountain, dark miasma came out of the gap and it almost overflowed out of it. Sometimes the miasma formed human's hands reaching out for help. Screams and grunts of pain could be heard from inside of it and echoed throughout the room.

The stone walls were carved ancient magic formations that gave off the same dark miasma. That was a strong seal since what was locked and guarded in that room was also something that had tremendous power. So it didn't only need a strong seal to keep it, but also a strong dark force to cover it and no other place was suitable other than this place.

The items were Erebus' dual swords. A thousand years ago, Erebus, Ethan's ancestor, used them to defeat and imprison Lord Damon for ten years before Lilieth freed him. The swords symbolised the Demonic Power of a Demon Lord and the Angelic Power of a High Angel. Nightmare was the black sword's name. It contained Erebus' hatred and his past trauma. While the white sword was called Redemption. It contained Erebus' hope for the peace of the three worlds. Unfortunately, he did it the wrong way, so Lord Damon had no other choice but to kill him. He knew what Erebus did would only bring destruction to the three worlds.

"Do you also feel his presence Your new master..." Lord Damon muttered without taking his eyes off the swords. A smirk on his lips. He was in the middle of meeting with his generals when he felt the tremendous vibration of these two swords, a vibration that only he could feel. It was a sign that the swords had found a new owner. So without further ado, he postponed the meeting and opened his portal to this place.

The mountain's overflowed dark miasma showed how much the two swords' resonance called for their new master. Luckily, the seal was strong enough to hold them off. Otherwise, not only their new masters could hear the swords' screams, but all strong demons in the dark dimension. And of course, the swords that had the power to defeat Lord Damon a thousand years ago were the best weapon to defeat him once again.

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