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The Incubus System 62 Chapter 61. First Servan

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Our eyes stared at each other, our domineering desire that burning within us was evident in our gazes.

A second later, as if on cue we both lunged, our claws were ready to tear each other.

'Demonic Energy.'

[Demonic Energy has been activated.]

[STR: 50 90]

[AGI: 50 90]

[Time remaining: 4:56]

He jumped, his claw on me.

I brushed it off, grabbed his arm as I spun in the mid-air and slammed him to the ground with all of my strength.


A crack was seen where the Flame Hound landed.

[You have hit a Flame Hound for 150 HP. ]

Then, I directed my hand at him.

'Hell Thunder!'

Dark lightning came out of my hand and attacked the Flame Hound.

[You have struck a Flame Hound for 105 HP. ]

[Your opponent has been paralyzed.]

[Time remaining: 00:09]

'Yes!' I glided down as my claw pointed at him.

"RRROOOOOAAARRRR!" A loud roar suddenly came out of his mouth. Several small black portals formed around it and dozens of Grim Hounds came out of it.

'Demonic Spike!'

My black lances hurtled towards them as I continued to glide down without slowing my speed.

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 49 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 50 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 51 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 48 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 57 HP. ] X2

The Grim Hounds screamed in pain as they fell. Other Grim Hounds that weren't hit by my Demonic Spikes jumped and attacked me. I swung my claws at them as I lunged forward.

[Critical hit!]

[You have hit a Grim Hound for 421 HP. ]

[You have hit a Grim Hound for 419 HP. ]

Their bodies turned to ashes one by one.

My claw swung towards The Flame Hound's head, but he opened his mouth, a torrent of flames shot out from it. I dodged at the last moment, his fire managed to graze my hand.

[You have taken 38 Fire damage.]

Ignoring the dull and stabbing pain in my hand, my other hand moved to pierce his chest.

[Critical hit!]

[You have hit a Flame Hound for 418 HP. ]

At the same time, the paralyze time was 00:00.

Once he could move, he threw his kick. I swiftly dodged, caught his leg, pulled him and swung my claw to his head.

He dodged it.

Quickly, I grabbed his head with my hands, banged to my knee. But he stopped it with his hands.

He tried to stab my stomach with his claw.

I flicked my wings, jumped behind him and swung my claw behind his head. But he immediately turned around and fired his flames from his mouth.

Reflexively, I crossed my arms in front of me as I glided backwards to dodge him.

[You have taken 21 Fire damage.]

[Name: Flame Hound]

[Level 31]

[HP: 153/912]

[DP: 123/209]

'I just need another hit.' My wings flicked, bringing my body up before gliding back at him.

His hand turned towards me, dozens of fireballs appeared in front of him and flew towards me. While my hand aimed at him, my Demonic Spike appeared and flew towards him.

- Boom! - Boom! - Boom!

Explosions occurred in the mid-air as our attacks collided. Puffs of smoke rose again. I used it to cover my presence. Quickly, I glided down to the side of the building, passed through the classroom windows and reappeared behind the Flame Hound.

The Flame Hound turned to all sides in confusion, looking for me.

Before he noticed me, I lunged at him.

He turned around at the last moment and shot out his flames. I ducked down as I continued to move towards him without slowing down my speed.


I bumped into his body and continued dragging him to the edge of the building before releasing him in the mid-air.

"Aaaghhhhh!" The Flame Hound screamed with a frightened face as his body fell.

While I stood in the mid-air, staring at him with an evil smirk.


A loud thud could be heard as the Flame Hound's body crashed to the ground.

[You have hit a Flame Hound for 512 HP. ]

From afar, I could see the Grim Hounds below me, slowly dragging their bodies closer to the crack, where The Flame Hound landed.

I aimed my hand at them and cast my Demonic Spike. My black lances fell on them like rain.

[Critical hit!]

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 160 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 165 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 159 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 163 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 158 HP. ] X2

Seeing that there were still remaining Grim Hounds, I aimed my hands at them and cast another Demonic Spike.

[Critical hit!]

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 158 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 163 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 159 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 163 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 159 HP. ] X2

My eyes swept once more, making sure they all died before flapping my wings back over the building.

As my feet landed, I waved my hand as I cast my Demonic Spike again. Cleaning up the remaining Grim Hounds that was left there.


[All enemies have been defeated!]

[Level Up!] [Level Up!]

[You are now Level 24.]

[You have 22 unused stat points.]

[You have 4 unused skill points.]

[You have earned a new title: Butcher. Beat more than 100 demons in a row. VIT 5 INT 5]

My feet stepped to the place where I left that Fox Demon as I used my Dark Healing skill.

[Dark Healing has been used.]

[Your HP has restored 100 points.]

All the pain in my body disappeared along with my wounds.

I stopped my steps.

"You can come out now." I knew she's right in front of me from my scent recognition talent.

Slowly, the fox demon's body began to appear before me. Her breath was panting and the blood gushing out from the wound on her legs was getting more and more. I glanced on the status above her head.

[Name: Two Tail Fox Demon]

[Level 12]

[Race: Demon]

[HP: 153/241]

[DP: 80/92]

I knelt down and extended my hand.

"Serve me," I said without hesitation. Even though she was a good demon, but of course I couldn't release her since she would definitely eat humans when her DP ran out.

"Ah ... Ser - Serve you" she said in hesitation. The pain in her body was clear from her expression but I couldn't heal her yet. She had hiding and shape-shifting skills, not to mention her movements were very fast. She could try to run away from me after I healed her. This was also the reason why I didn't heal her wounds in the first place.

"I can heal and protect you as long as you agree."

"You ... will protect me" Her eyes that were looking at me glinted with emotion. She raised her hand and took mine slowly.

"I ... Willing to be ... your servant."

"Very well." A satisfied smile bloomed on my face, after hearing her answer.

'Raise Demonic Erection skill by 2 points.'

[Your Demonic Erection skill is at level 3.]

[Your cock length and thickness increase by 20%. ]

[Congratulations! You just unlock a new skill.]

[Demon's Contract - The skill used by a high incubus to bind a person with a contract and turn them into a loyal servant.]

'Raise Demon's Contract skill by 1 point.'

[Your Demon's Contract skill is at maximum level.]

[Congratulations! You just unlock a new skill.]

[Master's Blessing - The skill used by a high incubus/succubus to increase his/her servant's power.]

'Demon's Contract.'

My eyes glinted in red. The dark aura from my hand spread out, forming a strange formation beneath our feet.

[Demon's Contract initiated. ]

The dark aura beneath our feet, spreading up and swirling around her body, her eyes locked onto mine.

[Demon's Contract is on progress ...]

[Installing Demon's Contract 67.8%]

[Installing Demon's Contract 98.9%]

[Kiss your servant to seal the contract]

I brought my lips to her and kissed her slowly. Slowly, I could feel my Demonic Power pouring into her. Now I understood ... What Lilieth did to me back then was the same as what I did to this Fox Demon today. And when she gave me the access, our servant and master relationship got cut off. That's why I could control this system more freely than before.

[Demon's Contract has been successfully done.]

[Congratulations! You just got your first servant! ]

I released my kiss and pulled my face away from her.

[Servant's setting]

[Please enter a name ...]

I ignored the announcement for a while and cast my skills on her.

'Dispel, Dark Healing.'

[Dispel skill succeeded.]

[The poison effect has been neutralized.]

[Dark Healing has been used.]

My dark aura covered her wounds and a second later all of her wounds were healed.

[Your servant HP has restored 100 points.]

She touched her legs, making sure she was completely healed. A happy smile spread across her face. She turned her gaze to me.

"Thank you, master."

"What is your name" I asked. Although I could give her a new name, but I thought it was better to use her real name.

"My name is Zag'thoxath Muggulod, master," she replied.

"Zag, what" I asked, frowning in a puzzled expression. I didn't expect her name to be that difficult.

"Zag'thoxath Muggulod," she repeated.

"I'll just call you Foxy," I said simply. I didn't want to remember such a difficult name.

She nodded.

[Servant's name: Foxy]

[Level 12]

[Age: 118]

[HP: 241/241]

[DP: 80/92]

[Skills: Hiding lv 3, Shape-shifting lv 3, Tail whip lv 2.]

[Emotion: Relieved]

[Condition: Normal]

[Weakness: Chest and Ears]

[Talent: Fast Movement.]

[Demonic Aura - Status: Deactivated]

My eyes widened in shock when I saw her age.

"You are 118 years old"

She nodded again and showed her two tails that were waving in front of me.

"A fox demon will grow a tail every 100 years," she explained.

'She is even older than my late grandmother.' I was silent for a moment.

'One hundred years isn't a short time, she should be stronger than me.'

"If you are over a hundred years old, then why can't you fight them"

"Before we had nine tails, we were weak demons, master," she replied sheepishly.

A good, weak demon ... From her skills, I could already imagine what she was doing to avoid danger. I gave her a gentle pat on her head.

"Now you don't need to be afraid anymore."

She nodded with a smile.

"What can you do with your shape-shifting skill" I asked, standing up.

She stood up.

"I can imitate anything. Humans, animals, other demons and also inanimate objects."

I was deep in thought for a while, thinking what I should ask her to turn into. But suddenly a woman's voice came from behind me.

"Who ... Who are you ..." Heavy breathing rang out between the faint sound.

Without turning back, I knew it was Emma.-

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