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Chapter 1496: A Familiar Face

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Jiang Yao finally snapped back to her senses.

She looked up at Lu Xingzhi, who did not look too good, and snickered.

Was that guy jealous

“Will I be rich after I study” The little boy finally spoke, but the first thing he asked was about money.

Lu Xingzhi said, “There is no connection between studying and money.

But if you dont study, you will live a life that is no different from that of a street rat.”

The boy stood there without saying a word as if he was conflicted about what he should do.

Jiang Yaos heart softened when she saw how the boy acted, especially when she thought about how he would be in the rain with her and Wen Xuehui, frantically digging the soil with their hands.

Jiang Yao could not be cruel to the boy.

“Well, its not about money.

It depends on you whether your study can bring you money.

Studying can make you a cultured and knowledgeable person.

Money cant buy those things.” Jiang Yao persuaded him earnestly.

“I dont want culture, and I dont want knowledge; I just want money.

Only money can help me.

Everything needs money!” The boy retorted stubbornly.

“If you dont study, you will remain like this.

But if you do, you have other choices in the future.

There is a very high chance that the knowledge you learn will bring you wealth.” After Jiang Yao said that, she did not say anything else.

The child had to think about the rest by himself.

It was useless for her and Lu Xingzhi to be too anxious.

The child was already 12 years old, and he had been wandering outside all year round.

He must already have his way of thinking and handling things.

However, Jiang Yao could not help but start to think that Lu Xingzhi should have met that child back then, right

Did Lu Xingzhi also meet that child after he was transferred to the new unit Did he also give that child the same choices

Did anyone else give that child the chance to change his fate even without Lu Xingzhi

In short, that child entered the army and became an excellent recruit in the end.

He became a person with a kind heart.

The child stood there and thought about it for a while.

Then, he turned around, but he did not leave.

Instead, he went straight to the kitchen.

He was a child who had not had a full meal for a long time.

He had been wandering all year round, so he did not know what to do.

He stood right next to Zhou Weiqi and stared at him greedily.

Lu Xingzhi let the child have some lunch.

As soon as he finished lunch, Lu Xingzhi left with Liang Yueze, Zhou Weiqi, and the child.

However, he was worried that Jiang Yao would not feel safe in an unfamiliar environment by herself, so Lu Xingzhi was back after two hours.

It was also time for Jiang Yao to take her afternoon nap.

When she woke up, Lu Xingzhi was already sleeping beside her.

He only woke up when she moved.

“Have you made arrangements for the children” Jiang Yao asked.

“Put them in an orphanage and let the teachers discipline them strictly.” Lu Xingzhi did not know how to beat around the bush for such matters.

He sent the children to the orphanage and told the director to take good care of them, especially that particular boy.

If they lost them, he would hold the orphanage accountable.

 Lu Xingzhi informed Mr.

Liang about the boy so that someone could arrange for his schools registration when the time came.

He only needed to pay for the childs school fees.

“Be gentle to the boy..” Jiang Yao did not know whether to laugh or cry as she pushed Lu Xingzhis arm.

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