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Chapter 1497: As You Wish

“Those children are different from the others.” Lu Xingzhi got off the bed.

Seeing that Jiang Yaos lips were a little dry, he went to pour her some water.

When he returned to the side of the bed, a box was in his hand.

“This is a personal merit medal awarded to you by the army.

Its a first-class merit medal.

Your name is on it!”

Jiang Yao did not even drink the water when she heard that.

She took the box and looked at it.

No matter how she looked at it, there was nothing new.

“What about you Do you have one” Jiang Yaos eyes blinked as she looked at Lu Xingzhi.


Lu Xingzhi handed his medal to Jiang Yao.

Then, when he saw Jiang Yao holding the two awards and smiling so sweetly, a smile also appeared on his face.

“You are the only non-military personnel in our country who have been awarded this medal.

You are also a first-class individual.

I am so proud of you.”

Even though her efforts made Lu Xingzhis heart ache, he thought that no one else in the world could understand that feeling except for him.

It was not just honor but shared honor that belonged to the husband and wife duo.

“I want to take it home and hide it well!”

Jiang Yao hugged it tightly.

“Give me yours too! Its the same as mine.

I want to put them together.

When were old, Ill take it out and show it off to our grandchildren!”

She shook her head in pride.

If she had a tail, she would have pointed it toward the sky.

“As you wish.” Lu Xingzhi smiled.

Jiang Yao took another look at his medals before she put them down.

She had never been so excited before.

Even if she took all his medals, he would not even frown.

Jiang Yao was still happy when Moe walked in gracefully from the door.

The cats tail was swinging behind him, making it look very tall and straight.

Of course, the most eye-catching thing was not its posture but the plate on its neck.

Jiang Yao looked at it and was stunned.

Then, she quickly got off the bed and ran toward Mo.

When Moe saw her, he quickly jumped away.

He stood on the top of the wardrobe and said, “Woman, dont touch my things!”

Jiang Yao raised her hand and kept jumping, trying to get Moe down.

Unfortunately, she was short and could not reach him, so she could only guide him patiently.

“You cant wear such a precious thing like the merit medal.

Come on, Ill help you take good care of it! Ill put all three of them together.”

“You dont wear it You humans are so smart!”Moe looked at Jiang Yao condescendingly, and when he realized that she could not reach him, he touched the medal on his neck with his front paws.

“Why does he have one Did the army start a wholesale business” Jiang Yao snorted.

“Many people saw what happened to Moe, so that started a rumor.

They said that you raised a brilliant cat that helped in that operation.

I dont know who brought it up, so they gave Moe a medal as well.” When Lu Xingzhi walked over, he quickly pulled Moe down from the top of the closet, took the thing off Moes neck, and handed it to Jiang Yao without saying a word.

Moe was instantly enraged.

However, due to Lu Xingzhis threat, he did not dare to say anything.

“Ill let you watch it for a while.

After youre done, youll have to return it to me!”

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