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Chapter 1704: Give Me A Chance To Sacrifice Myself

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“Then Ill talk some sense into you.” Jiang Yaos voice was gentle.

“Even though everyone doesnt know that Im your wife yet, were all in the same military base.

They will learn about this eventually.

Youre the leader of the Blue Team, and I am the person in charge of the Red Teams doctors.

When I climbed out of the window just now, everyone saw that I was quite skilled.

But you still captured me and even had three points deducted from the Red Team.

What do you think Shao Fucheng will think when he learns that we are husband and wife”

“What do you think” Lu Xingzhi asked.

“Theyll definitely think that I did it on purpose! They might even think that Im a spy for the Blue Team! But this is a drill, not a real battle, so it should be based on fairness, so there shouldnt be such a spy.

Its because of that fairness that I cant even use my special ability!”

“So, in order to not let people say that I won unjustly, I have to let you go” Lu Xingzhi continued Jiang Yaos words.

“Do you think that I am afraid of people talking about me”

He was not afraid.

After all, his skin was thick, and that was something that was beyond doubt.

That guy was so sure that he would win.

The drill had only started a few days ago, and it was like both teams had agreed to recuperate.

No one made a move.

Then, the two teams had made a move on the same night.

Why was he so sure that he would win

“Im afraid that when you lose, people will laugh at you for losing so badly to a spy.” Jiang Yao tried to provoke Lu Xingzhi.

“Since you have no confidence in me, you should go to the Blue Teams command center and stay there to see how I will win this battle!”

There was no trace of guilt in his words.

Lu Xingzhi used his tone to tell her that he was sure to win that drill.

Jiang Yao thought,Not necessarily. Shao Fucheng took Wu Boyan and Zheng Shimin away, but two soldiers were left behind.

Those two soldiers had the same tag as her and the others.

Obviously, Shao Fucheng had already arranged something from the beginning.

Shao Fucheng should understand Lu Xingzhis way of doing things.

If he had to take people, he would take them captive.

By then, the two soldiers would have been taken by Lu Xingzhis people, right

The fake doctor from the Red Team was captured and moved to the Blue Teams camp.

He must be waiting for an opportunity to make a move.

After all, as long as the captive could get his tag back from the other party, it would be considered a successful resurrection.

Therefore, Shao Fucheng must have arranged for someone to go undercover.

However, Lu Xingzhi did not realize that he had boasted so shamelessly.

As the doctor from the Red Team, Jiang Yao was very well-positioned not to give Lu Xingzhi any hints.

When he saw his wifes eyes were still darting around, thinking about what to say to persuade him, Lu Xingzhi placed his palm on her head.

“Alright, hurry up and let me tear it for you.

Its very late.

Ill take you back to bed.”

“Give me a chance.

Ill sacrifice myself!” Jiang Yao blinked her eyes and said, “Why dont we try again I promise I wont run.

If you still capture me and I dont have to sacrifice myself, Ill be convinced.

That way, even if you capture me, I wont feel bad about it.

Even if they doubt me, I wont be afraid.”

Since Lu Xingzhi did not say anything, Jiang Yao took two steps forward and threw herself into his arms.

Her hands gently wrapped around his waist and the loose training clothes covering his figure..

Jiang Yaos hands tugged at the clothes behind her, then she pressed her face against the side of his face and rubbed against him coquettishly.

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