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Chapter 1780: Hurry And Get The Money

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On the other hand, Chen Xuyao could hear the voices of two people from the phone.

He had never heard those two voices before, and the content of their conversation did not seem to be about him.

However, Chen Xuyaos heart became even more nervous before he recognized the voices.

Jiang Yao had been dragged out of the room for quite a while.

She had been left in the empty space for half an hour.

When she heard the voice of the person who spoke on the phone, Jiang Yao did not recognize it.

However, so what No matter how bad the light was, she had already deeply imprinted the image of the person who thought he had hidden well.

She had never seen him before, but he gave her a sense of déja vu.

“Young Madam Lu, the person on the phone is Fifth Young Master Chen.

Have a chat with him.

Tell him how you feel right now.”

That person did not come out of the darkness.

He hid in the dark and handed the phone to his two subordinates, who took the phone and pressed it against Jiang Yaos ear.

Then, they threatened her in a low voice.

“Be sensible.”

Jiang Yao acted as if she was terrified and nodded.

Then, she spoke with a trembling voice, “Chen Xuyao, its me.

Im Jiang Yao.

Chu Sheng is with me.

Dont worry.

Shes fine now.

She isnt injured.

However, shes been locked up for many days.

Shes so scared and weak that she cant even sit up.

Chen Xuyao,

Im scared too.

No matter what conditions they asked for, you have to agree to them.

I cant take it anymore.

Im too scared.

I want to go home.”

At that point, Jiang Yao started to cry in a low voice.

“Even if they want money, you have to give it to them quickly.

Lu Xingzhi is not around right now.

If you want money, you have to ask his cousin, who is in the jade business in YN, and he is working with someone to open a small jade processing factory.

Even if the profits have not been good recently, he must have some money.

The money he used to do business was borrowed from the Lu family.

If you asked him for money, he would not dare refuse! No matter how much they want, just get me as soon as possible.

The Lu family isnt short on money, so

hurry up and get the money.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

The man snorted softly when he heard Jiang Yaos words.

However, he hid in the dark, so no one except Jiang Yao could hear him.

Chen Xuyao could not say that he knew everyone in Lu Xingzhis family, but he still knew them for many years.

Lu Xingzhis family did not have any cousins in any factory business in YN.

That was purely Jiang Yaos nonsense.

Chen Xuyao did not think that Jiang Yao was a timid person who would say such words.

The woman had courage, so she must have only pretended to confuse the enemy.

However, Chen Xuyao knew that Jiang Yaos nonsense was not groundless.

She must have wanted to give him more information.

Chen Xuyao could not be anxious, but he was shocked.

There must be important information in Jiang Yaos words that he did not understand yet.

“Alright, only a few words.

Did you guys have a good chat Do you think its free when it comes to phone charges”

The person next to him rudely snatched the phone back from Jiang Yaos hand.

Then, he pushed Jiang Yao back into the dimly lit and slightly damp room…

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