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Chapter 472: Recognition Ceremony

Entering the barracks, they saw plenty of soldiers working in and around the huge center field, laid with red carpet, decorating and setting up the venue for the recognition ceremony.

This was obviously an important event; having it at the center field meant that everyone present was expected to attend.

Lu Xingzhi and Colonel Lin were immediately caught up with business and excused themselves from the ladies.

Jiang Yao and Mrs.

Lin, on the other hand, went back to their respective houses and did some tidying and cleaning up.

They kept busy with their own tasks until the privates came with news that the ceremony was starting soon.

Quickly changing into a set of appropriate clothing, Jiang Yao left the house immediately after, met up with Mrs.

Lin who was already waiting downstairs and hurried toward the center field together.

They arrived late.

The center field was already packed with a big crowd.

Jiang Yao stood at the side and could immediately see Lu Xingzhi and Colonel Lin on stage, both wearing a large wreath of flowers on their chest.

She thought they looked ridiculous; although Lu Xingzhi seemed to be in a better spirit than Colonel Lin, who was in crutches.

It was a funny sight to behold, and yet, the more she looked, the more solemn everything seemed to be.

The two soldiers stood on stage receiving admiration and praise from the audience, their flower wreaths an honor the rest could only ever dream of.

Yet, to achieve the glory, Lu Xingzhi and Colonel Lin almost lost their lives.

Both Jiang Yao and Mrs.

Lin stood at an inconspicuous spot.

She saw Mrs.

Lin smiling, albeit with tears in her eyes.

The General was on stage giving out the medals.

Pinned on to their breast pocket, it shined a shade brighter than the blazing afternoon sun.

Lu Xingzhi stood on stage but kept looking down at the audience, even when the General was fastening his medal, much to the Generals chagrin.

“Attention! Is not seeing your wife for a few minutes going to kill you” The General berated Lu Xingzhi, to the audiences amusement.

Laughter soon erupted across the field.

Turning his attention back toward the general, Lu Xingzhi saluted.

The ceremony was a brief affair, particularly due to the honorees injuries.

The General gave a short speech after awarding the medals and the ceremony was adjourned.

As the crowd dispersed, Lu Xingzhi finally found Jiang Yao, he waved at her.

“Darling! Do I look handsome today” Colonel Lin was even more blatant than Lu Xingzhi as he called out to Mrs.


“Yes! Colonel Lin looks hotter than Sergeant Lu!” The crowd replied.

“Shoo! Nobody asked for your opinion!” In crutches, Colonel Lin hobbled over wanting to approach Mrs.


Both Jiang Yao and Mrs.

Lin immediately jogged toward the men.


Lin steadied Colonel Lin while Jiang Yao stood in front of Lu Xingzhi and touched the big flower wreath hanging from his neck.

“You look like a groom from the olden days.”

Lu Xingzhi chuckled.

“You want to be the bride again tonight”

Jiang Yao pretended not to hear Lu Xingzhis remark.

Whatever she replied, he would tease her regardless, might as well stay quiet and ignore him.

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